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I have to admit I have tried several things in the last year, since I became a golfaholic, to improve my swing. Nothing comes close to the Simple Power Swing method. I have dropped close to 12 strokes in 1 month and completely lost my slice. I have also gained  about 20 yards distance and the accuracy is unbelievable. The guys I play golf with have been playing for up to 10 years and I can now compete with and out score them. I finally broke down and explained to them what I was doing before they quit playing golf with me. The putting system is totally unbelievable.

Your system is so fantastic that I became an affiliate and began to market it as the only golf system on my website. Everyone should try this system! Thank you so very much,
Hal R. Chattanooga, TN

I want to thank you for helping me to have a WONDERFUL summer of golf! We've had some exceptional weather in Rochester this week ( high 60's every day). I hit at least 5 drives this week of 250 yds. They were on holes that measured 400 yds. and I hit them to the 150 markers. You may remember that I'm 75, with arthritis in my left hand and I'm still cranking them out there. The guys I play with are amazed at the progress I've made this summer - thanks to you and simple golf. Today I shot 82 and could have been even better. After having putting woes all summer I finally bought a symple putter. I got a 35" one but it was too long for me (I'm 5'7") I had it cut down to 33" and put on a very large Winn grip with a flat top and I'm putting like a bandit. I may not own my swing yet but I have it on long-term lease with option to buy.
 Thanks again for your help in making this a GREAT golfing summer!
 Dave A., Rochester, NY

Took the simple swing out to league the first time. Took 8 strokes off my game. Had a rough couple of years after Knee and shoulder surgery and was about to give up. Looking forward to enjoying golf again.
John N., Lincoln, Nebraska

I just have to tell that Simple Golf is great. I have been using simple golf for about month. I am playing a lot better! I almost made a hole in one on a 165 yard par 3, I hit a 7 wood to 8 inches from the hole. Also I have been making alot more pars and bridies.  On the short par 5;s I am hitting the green or right at it in two shots. I have gained distance and having alot more fun. If I do have bad  shot I can tell what I did wrong. Golf is alot more fun now. I have tried alot things to play better golf but this is the best and I will be playing Simple Golf for now on Thank you for a great product.
Jerry P.  DeBerry, TX

I used to play Natural Golf, which is fine for accuracy, however, my distance suffered, and never could get my slice completely tamed. My drives off the tee were 180-190 Yards.

Today, after several weeks of converting to this new swing, I played 9 holes. I had one drive 280 yards, the rest were over 240, except for my worst drive of the day, at 205, and all were straight or with a small draw. I am thrilled with Simple Golf! Thank You Joe!
Don B. Murfreesboro, TN

2 1/2 years ago I took up Natural Golf because my lowerback muscles were killing me when I played. While Natural Golf let me play again and I could hit the ball very straight most of the time, I could generate the distance I needed with the hands and arms oriented swing. It became apparent that one must have very strong forearms and hands in order to generate the type of impact Naturel Golf requires. Also, in order to have one hips square to the ball at impact still put some pressure on the lower back muscles. It took a year to turne of the lower body movement tradional golf requires (I'm 69).
I found your simple golf system 4 weeks ago and after reviewing the website, I ordered you DVD's. While it made sense to me, I could get it to work until I review the Distance Tips and Drills and discovered what was missing. When I saw the left knee and belt buck explanation, it all fell into place.
No more back stress, the worst part of my game (driving) has become the most constant part of my game, I have increased driving distance by as much as 25 yards, have to use less club on most all fairway shots. I'm left handed playing write handed and still have to cure a bit of a draw on shorter irons (I'im studying the short game DVD).
At my age I have more distance then when I was younger. I still hit the ball very straight as I did with Natural Golf and do it more constantly with Simple Golf. Most of my new distance has occured in the last two weeks and my playing compansions don't understand how it suddenly appeared. I tell everyone and can (especially the older golfers I play with) about Simple Golf.
Thanks for taking the Natural Golf concept to the next level. The Simple Golf Swing is amazing and allows me to play the type of golf I have always dreamed about.
Larry Newell, Arlington Heights, IL

I am a purchaser of the simple golf book a few years ago. Loved it then...over the years bad habits developed and I couldn't break 90. Went back to the book and used the swing...proceeded to shoot 79-79-80-87 and 80---of all that I've tried in my long life your method really actually works. Thanks 
John P., Irvine, CA

Thank you so much for the advise. I love simple golf. I played natural golf for eight years.Got down to a 12 handicap and stopped improving. Found simple golf and if I shot over 78 it is rare. again thank you so much.
John M., Amelia, Ohio

At last ! I finally get to post my own success story.

I had promised to give the symple swing a year, without chopping and changing and trying to change everytime I read a new tip in the latest golf magazine, I also promised to post a success story on the forum, only after hitting 3 rounds in a row in the 70s.

I would have to confess that I was somewhat sceptical, 'power stance', 'power grip' and only bought the DVDs gradually, and after seeing and feeling the progress and having the basics bought the 'Own your own swing' which seemed to tie everything together.

So here I am alomst 11 months down the line with two 78s and a new personal best of 77 !! and finally a sense of playing golf.

It has not always been plain sailing, I suffered from a really bad hook for a long time, made a change from a really bad slice .

I was always going to take up the offer to send in a video of my swing to have it analysed, but after watching it, I realised I wasn't doing the symple swing at all and still had some CG hadits carried over which was causing all the problems !

So 11 months down the line, I've added 30-40 yards to my drives, hitting a lot more greens in regulation, I've had 3 hole in ones, and won a lot of money from my playing partners, I think changing to symple swing has paid for itself !

A big thank you to Joe, Mike and Chuck and to all the symple swingers for all the help and feedback.

Have fun.

Harvey O., Kitakyushu Shi, Japan

I trust all is well. I have been using the Simple Swing exclusively since you and Joe put on a clinic in Raleigh NC in 2007. I can honestly say that if you follow your instructions you will hit some of the best golf shots ever. I have found the swing mechanics to be the easiest swing out there and it produces a great ball flight. Last night I went to a driving range and a guy that was hitting balls next to me asked me how I learned to draw the ball like I did.
Thanks for helping turn a frustrating game into a competitive sport. The short game has really been turned up a notch as well.
Rodney A., Raleigh, NC 

I ordered your simple swing video for chip and pitch shots the other day and was impressed with the information as I have been struggling in these areas. I went to the course and practiced the techniques prior to my round. I am a 14 handicap and usually struggle with my irons. I decided to try the method in the video for all my game. I was astonished with the results. I hit every fairway and 3 out of 4 greens on the par 3s. I had one birdie on the day and 3 three putts and still carded a 77 on a difficult, par 72 course. I am thinking of ordering the other tapes to try to take my game to the next level as I don't feel that I truly have the basics of stance and swing for the irons and woods down as I probably should. Just wanted to say thanks for the information and keep up the great work.
Mark P. Tomball, TX

I have to tell you a short story . I ordered Simple Golf a long time ago and , received it but put it aside account of medical priorities . After a time cleaning out some cabinets and books I found Simple Swing and all it's contents . I went to work on it about a month ago and it's truly amazing . My shots have gone straight down the fairways or most of the time where I aim it . I'm only writing this because how good it feels to do better golfing . Thanks very much for Simple Swing . If you want you can use this message for any promotions etc . I'm a left handed golfer and I don't slice hardly at all just by trying and working on the swing for about a month , thanks again .
Cornelius V , Las Vegas, Nevada

I ordered the SPS DVD’s last year and I am playing the best golf of my life (I’m 55 years old). No more jitters on the tee, no more trying to remember 10+ different swing motions, weight shifts, etc. All I have to do is practice the SPS method, and I’m good to go. And I’ll tell you, it has been fun to use. I liked it so much that I ordered the DVD’s for my son-in-law last Christmas. His job has not allowed him to play much this year, but I’m sure once he gets time and uses the SPS method, he’ll want to get back into golf. And I tell everyone about my new swing system, especially friends that I know are struggling.
Tim S., Sterling, VA

I can't believe the difference in distance since I started using the symple swing. The one swing thought that you talk about that really helped me the most was to keep my shoulders back, as I was hunching over before, and having trouble controlling my shots. I am 63 years old, and only about 155 lbs., but with simple swing I am hitting drives up to 280 yards, and before I never hit any over 240. Do you think the symple swing power tips video would help me even more?

Thanks Harvey F. Modesto, CA

Yesterday I put together a front 9 of 2-under par, 34. It was really windy, but because I have more control of my ball; I could use the wind and drove a 300 and 335 yard green. I can hardly believe it. The back nine was not quite as exciting, but it is because I started reverting back to my old swing and lost some balls to my old slice. I was able to adjust and had some very good holes. Thanks again for your help.
I also missed some very easy putts; maybe it is time to get your symple putting video and info. Have a great day.
Howard T, Portola, CA

PS the last two times I played I came within about 16 to 18 inches of having a hole in one which I haven't did for some time before this swing. 
TJ Marboro, MD
I shot my first round of 80. It was a par 71 course, but it was the first time I have had a chance to break 80 on any course. I was with my 27 year old son and two of his friends. While they out drove me most of the time, I was in the short grass and they were all over the place. The consistant shots that I was able to achieve with Simple Golf allowed me to easily make up for the 25 years difference in age.
Galen E., Sandy UT
Played my first round with the SS today at my home club. I have been averaging a 94 and have never broken 90. Shot an 89 today with an 8 on a par five. I had 2 birdies and 8 GIR. Can't wait to play again. 
Mike Y., Haverhill, MA 
Just a note to let you know how happy the simple swing is going for me.
Probably the best ball striking day i've had in many years. Last two scores were 83's, but felt more comfortable and more confident than i have in a long time.
Just to give you a little history, i had a stroke about two years ago. I'm doing fine now, but since the stroke, my golf turned awful. Could hardly break 90, or even 100. (I used to be a 6 or 7.) So that was pretty depressing. I had a very hard time focasing. When i set up to the ball, my mind would go blank and couldn't even think of one swing thought. Well, with S.S. I've got the pre-shot and set-up pretty well imbedded and it is so easy for me to focus on what i have to do. Every time i take the club back now i feel like i'm going to hit a good shot. What a change. I don't hit all good shots, but the new confidence is so much fun. I can honestly say that i never hit the ball as solidly as i am right now.
So, thanks to you and mike. I'm having so much fun with this.
I do feel that the simple swing once you learn it is simple, but, you do have to work at it. So anyone who wants to give a bit of effort can really achieve results that you would never beleive possible.
P.S. I'll keep you informed on my progress. I'm planning on high 70's soon, and then who knows!
Tom K. Myrtle Beach SC
Hi mike and joe. it is starting to sink in. my chipping is getting much better( i had a couple of chips and one put) as well as my second shots. the tip that joe gave me about keeping my right arm tight to my side has really helped me on my second shots. they are going much straiter and farther. played tuesday and hit 13 of 14 fairways. and 3 of 4 par threes. best i have ever done. the one i missed i was out of bounds and had to re-tee and took a triple bogey. i even drove a short par four. 325 yards to center i was on front edge (drive was 315 yds) and two putted for a birdy. i had a 79 for my round. that was my third drive over 300 yds that day. oh, i hate that clicker (Note: He's referring to a wrist Tac-Tic training aid to help make sure he doesn't cup his wrist). i think it helps but is annoying. thanks much.
Tony F, Tampa, Florida

Does Simple Swing work for women? See what Shona say: 
I just can't say enough about symple swing! I birdied a par 5 the other day, absolutely unheard of. I have been practising my symple swing for about 2 weeks now. Yesterday I shot an 87, first time ever in the 80's. By far the most consistant swing I have ever had, not to mention the longest.
I just keep spreading the word, I just wish I had found you 20 years ago. But in the meantime you have rejuvenated my love for the game, a game which I was just about to give up forever.
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you symple swing.
shona m., Ontario, Canada

"Joe let me add my accomplishments to your list of glowing success. The Simple Swing has taken me from the high 90's and 100's to a low 80's player (82 -84). This improvement has stuck with me for over 3 weeks. I am an entertainer with a bit of a travel schedule and I was looking for a method that would allow me to Consistently play the game without investing a lot of time. The Simple Swing is it. It works. I'm aiming for a round in the 70's by the years end. Thanks for making this available."
Robert S., Waynesboro, PA

Joe, (and Mike), I am a relatively new golfer, I've golfed ten rounds in my life. Scores have been under a hundred, but barely.I could chip and putt a bit, but due to injuries related to military service I can not hit the ball conventionally. Golf instruction was useless. I have artificial knees and no AC process in my right shoulder. I can't torque and move for a conventional swing. My 14 year old's coach tried,but gave up on teaching me a functional swing. I then found symple swing. Having played minor league baseball, I made a few minor adaptations in the right hand grip, locked the lower body on my downswing, and the results are amazing! I stiffed the flagpole on the first hole using this swing, a dead straight 7 iron 162 yards away, one bounce into the flagpole and sitting two feet away for a tap in birdie. My round was an 82. Today I changed drivers as well due to the increased length I felt I would gain (about 2 clubs with my irons), I birdied every par 5 on the course, averaged just over 270 yards per drive, and broke 80! (79 for the round). I occasionally hit a nasty hook and I am still working on my alignment, but my son, handicap index of 4, is now worried that he has to work to beat his dad (Oh the shame of it all). I hope to be able to attend a clinic if one is ever held near Las Vegas, I live about 40 miles away. If not, I'll keep saving my pennies to attend one in Florida. All in all, Simple Swing has been a good investment that makes golf fun.
Thanks a lot.
Kevin Las Vegas, NV

I am 82 years old and have been using the Simple Swing method for three weeks.
I am hitting the golf ball 20 to 30 yards further and more accurate.
My golfing buddies have been complimenting how much I have improved my
drives lately?
At the present time I have not let them in on my secret, but I will in a week or two."
Chuck S., Modesto, CA

Joe, I'm 80 years old and have been playing golf for 65 years and never enjoyed the game more. I have tried many different "cures" during thesemany years, but none have been as beneficial as your Simple Swing. No more slicing, but an occasional "pull" draw. I think this is largely attributable to my failure to complete my backswing. "Hope springs eternal," however, I'll I'll keep working on it. My short game has shown the most improvement. Today I holed a birdie chip from a trap about 30 feet from the pin.
Best, Emmett Wright Jr. Orange, VA

Just to let you know that I played a few holes today and was very pleased indeed to find that I was hitting the ball further than I have ever done, and generally very accurately. I am really delighted. My first drive was 265 yards. A 3 wood then flew over 220 yards, leaving me about 90 yards to the green (a par 5). I also made par on the hardest hole on the course for the first time ever, a very difficult par 4, and on the long par 3 landed the ball 12 ft. from the pin.
I played well under my handicap over the 9 holes I played (Hcp 18) and am looking forward with eager anticipation to the season, as I feel I have a real chance to lop 4 or 5 shots off my handicap this year. If I do so, a lot, if not all, of the credit will go to you guys.
John R., Germany

Shot buy best round of the year the second time with the simple swing, chipped in twice for bird.
love it, absolutely love it.
Bruce B., Warren MI

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've only been playing for two seasons and last year my best was 110 and this year before Simple Golf I was about the same but one day I hit 100.
Last Sat. after watching Simple Golf several times I hit 44 on the front 9 and 51 on the back for a 95 at Pebblewood golf course in Bridgeman, MI.
I know I will do much better in the near future thanks to Simple Golf."
Thanks again and God Bless you,
Dave B. St. Joseph, MI

WOW! I have been a golf junkie since high school some 40 years ago, but have never achieved consistency in ball striking, hitting just enough good shots in a round to keep me from giving up completely. I have had numerous lessons, attended golf schools, and, like so many others, have purchased every video on the market.

I came across your website, downloaded the chipping e-book and headed for the backyard. In just a few swings I was hitting crisp chips and short pitches. Needless to say I ordered the DVD that evening. When the package arrived, my wife (who is a pretty decent golfer) shook her head and sighed!

That was four days and three trips to the driving range ago. We played nine holes yesterday afternoon, and her comment after my fourth consecutive drive of 240+ yds landed in the short grass was,
 "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?"

Before employing the Simple Swing, I was lucky to net 180 yds off the tee after the ball stopped slicing. I did not have a hint of a slice yesterday. Pitches from 75 yds in landed on the green. Believe me when I tell you this is a first for me. I hit two bad shots--a pulled drive off the first tee and a fat 7-wood on a par 5. On the way home my wife said, "Whatever you were doing out there today, for heaven's sake, keep doing it!"

Obviously you guys have nailed the physics of the golf swing, but equally as important, your instructional materials are crystal clear. You explain the grip, the stance, and swing mechanics in ways that I could understand and emulate. Thank you!

I am old enough and experienced enough to know that 9 holes does not a golfing future make, but somehow, I think chasing the little white ball is going to be a whole lot more fun in the days to come!
Major M., Jasper, GA.

G’day Mike - I bought the full DVD selection a month or so ago and things are starting to come together. My distance zapping fade has gone and I recon I have found about 20 metres per club. I am putting a bit too much draw on the ball, even with the short irons and I think this may be from a bit of wrist rotation as I come in for contact. I play off 20, and I played a 2 ball best ball by myself for 9 holes the other day for a 2 over 38. This shows me it is about to come together.
David G. Mt. Martha, Australia

"As silly as it might sound I have come to fear the dreadful return to the driving range after having a good session the previous visit. Have always worried that the good session was just fleeting. I have been trying to get a last round of the season in, but fog and frost delays have not made it possible the last two weekends. Instead I hit the range to work on my Simple Swing. Just a small bucket so not to just hit balls for the sake of hitting them. One of the downsides of the course I play is the lack of driving range facilities. For those of us who do not play as regularly as we would like, this can make the first tee an adventure.

Anyway I guess a great barometer on my progress is that I really don't have any questions but rather an update. I take an 8 iron, 5 iron (the longest I hit or carry although with SS I think a 4 iron is manageable), and a 5 wood to hit off the mat not the tee. Joe, even the "bad" shots are frankly acceptable. As you know it seemed I ALWAYS hit behind the ball. Now just about never. I use to always (have a video tape to prove it) uncock my wrists so early that all of the power and accuracy was spent before I even made contact. Now, especially if I keep my lower body stable, I really hit it clean, sounds great and the distance is also impressive. I remember during our first lesson you could not believe that I hit a 5 iron only 150. Frankly the wonderful "problem" I now have is not being sure what club to hit because most likely the 5 is going 20 yard longer, and if it goes only 150 it's a straight "miss-hit".

Anyway after playing for 15 years I have never hit the ball better or been more confident. I have to control myself not to pester conventional golfers at the range by telling them they are putting all that time, money and effort in a swing that is near impossible to be consistent. There was a young boy with his dad at the range yesterday and both were hitting balls all over the place. I wanted to just give them the SS email address. Probably would have if the slightest opportunity presented itself.

There are obviously more important things in life than golf, but the gratification of finally having a swing that works, is simple, repeatable and can be self corrected, sure puts a smile on one's face. I makes walking up to that first tee at the Company golf outing or being the single at a resort on vacation something you can't wait to do rather than dread.

Thanks again for opening the door and allowing us Simple Swingers to easily walk through!"
Bob G. New Jersey

"The biggest benefit from learning Simple Swing is the distance I've gained. If it can work for me it can work for anyone. You will see results right away."
Tom from Winter Park, FL

Today at Hank S****s Driving Range, Fresno, CA. I was hitting balls. Directly behind me two Hispanic chaps are chirpping like a couple of magpies sucking on Coronas. They go inside to get a couple more beers and return. They walk up to me and one says, "Senior, are you John Daly? Honest to God!

I am a solid 26. Rec'd. SS Power Pkg. #4 mid week. Read everything, watched the DVD's. Practiced pitching-chipping at range & backyard. Next trip to range full swing. Everything went well. Nice crisp shots. Hit my driver a lirttle fat at times. Not use to the ball that far forward, but when I did strike it properly they were straight and out of the park.

E-mailed Joe ref. fat shots with driver. Returned to the range and worked on T-Lock. Worked great especially with irons!

Re-read everything and watched the DVD's again.

Returned to range today, everything came together!. Wow! It really does work. Sweat soaked shirt, chirpping rubberneckers and one empty large bucket of balls. Trying to decide if I should hit another bucket. No sore right inner elbow, no sore lower back and no sore right big toe.

All I can say is thanks & so long 95's+ score cards!
Jeff G, Fresno, CA

"When I was first introduced to Simple Swing I was amazed how quickly I was able to hit the ball longer and straighter. My irons are now solid on every shot; my distance is amazing I know I'm getting better all the time."
Ted from Orlando, FL

Thanks for your support.

I swear by SS. I am enjoying the game again, have a better understanding of what I am doing right/wrong! If I am wrong, I have an idea of where to look/start to fix it.

At the range there was approx. 25 people down the range line striking balls. The last range sign is 250. There is an approx. 50' net behind that to protect the fairway behind. Its a 9 hole pitch and putt also.

With driver I was hitting then straight over the net. These two guys come down, stand right behind by station as watch for several minutes, leave and return. It was really funny to me. But, I was crushing the ball! It was great fun.

My short game, including putting has improved greatly. Overall I am very impressed in one short week. I am sticking with it. I am on my way out to strike some short pitches with feet together, of course!

Again, thank you!
Jeff G,

"As a true beginner golfer, Simple Swing is phenomenal. I had never played a round of golf in my life and after I learned the basics of Simple Swing I went out and shot 53 on the front and 51 on the back and my third time ever playing golf. I broke 100!
Paul from Florida

I wanted to thank you for enlightening me as to how easy it can be to hit a golf ball! After struggling with Natural Golf and the Heard Super Swing with little improvement I found myself hitting longer more accurate shots after our short lesson! For the first time I actually know why I hit a bad shot and how to correct it. Beginning by learning the chipping motion and working your way up to the full swing using essentially the same swing fundamentals made matters even easier. We started with a wedge and my last shot with the driver was a thing of beauty! You have made me a believer! Bob G. - New Jersey

I am your most typical golfer. I'm a 22 handicap that can, on occasion (but never when I need to) shoot better. Usually 92-95. But then I ordered the Simple Swing material. As a former engineer, it just made sense to me- no wasted motion, no difficult "timing" of body parts.
So, I called Simple Swing to inquire about instructors in the upstate NY area and was told that while there were currently none in this area that the co-developer of the system, Joe Davidson lived in Conn. A call to Joe resulted in a deal - I buy lunch and he would give me a lesson. Well, Conn. is not that far so down I went.
Unbelievable. Amazing. Impossible to describe. In 30 minutes I was hitting 8 irons dead straight, and I mean laser beam dead straight 150-155 yards. My normal distance is about 120 yards. Repeatable. Time after time after time. It looks different, it seems strange but having the clubface ALWAYS square to the ball simply works. I hit my 6 iron straight out. Perfectly straight and then I took out my 3 wood, hit three shots and stopped. It couldn't get much better.
If you want to try something different, if you simply want to hit it further, straighter, more consistently, order the DVD which is, incidentally, very well done. Unbelievable. Thanks Joe.
R.S. Upstate NY

Since I started using Simple Swing my handicap has dwindled from a 30+ handicap to a 20 in a little over 2 months. And I am enjoying the game more than I have in 25 years, I finally know where the ball is going to go. "Straight Down The Fairway".
I really wouldn't want to tell my friends about Simple Swing until I got to beat them a few times, it sure is fun letting them think that I got lucky the last time I whipped up on them. Then I guess I would have to let them know the best kept secret in golf.
My distance with Simple Swing is astounding, I still can't believe the distance that I can drive the ball. Prior to Simple Swing I was carrying my 7 iron about 150 yds. on a good day. Now I can carry my 7 Iron over 170 yds. I now use an 8 Iron for my 150 - 160 yds. shots.
Before Simple Swing I actually had no short game. I always struggled with the short chips and pitches all my life. Now I can get the ball up and down with killer accuracy!
Simple Putting is different, so much so that I felt kind of funny when I first used it on the putting green. Man was I surprised, if you want to send your puts one after another on a straight line to the cup you have to try it. I have puttied up to 10 balls back to back straight into the hole from 15 feet. Something I could never do before.
My friends are in awe with my new accuracy and distance. My best friend that I play with weekly use to joke me about hitting so many balls in the woods, they use to call me the deer slayer. Now they call me Fred Funk!
I enjoy golf more now because Simple Swing has redefined the way I look at golf and renewed my confidence that this game really is easy. I have been playing for over 25 years with very little success in terms of getting any better. I have struggled hitting irons and fairway woods during those years. I use to shutter every time that I had to tee off with a small gallery watching, wondering if I would slice or hook the ball or miss it completely. I never got better than about a 28 handicap and never with any consistency. Now hitting drives that have my friends gasping at my distance. One guy that plays with us is always the longest hitter in the group by 75 yds. easy. Now I can put my shots out there with his and not even swing hard. My iron game is the best it has ever been. I am confident anytime that I line up over the ball that I will hit it and drive it straight down the fairway. The only issue that I now have is judging the distance. I hit my clubs so far now that clubs I use to use are starting to fly greens. Using Simple Swing should come with a warning like cigarettes. Warning using Simple Swing could be hazardous to your marriage. The reason I say this is because you want to play everyday instead of once in awhile.
Doug S. Virginia Beach, VA.

I am 69 and in the past few years have found my yardage reduced with the normal swing. I just can't turn as well as I could and I was lucky to hit it 180 yards. I tried Natural Golf and made little progress so last year I switched to Simple Golf with the following results:

1. My drives are 15-20% longer averaging well over 200 yards. And that ain't bad for an old fellow.
2. The most improvement I have seen has been in my irons. I am hitting them higher, straighter and further than ever.
3. My chipping has improved by 50%. I rarely chili dip or skull a chip and I am able to pull off flop shots regularly. I have had two chip-ins in the last 2 rounds, also my sand shots are much better.
4. My scores have dropped from 100-105 to 92-96 over the past six rounds. I expect to start breaking 90 soon.
5. Although I have been unable to incorporate the Simple Putting into my game, ( I am tall and the putter wobbles) I have changed my grip to THE grip on all shots even putting. I find that THE grip locks my right elbow on line and my putts roll better and I have eliminated the dreaded pull. I have only been using THE grip for putting the last two rounds and expect to continue to improve.

Other golfers remark on my lack of mishits (tops and pulls) off the tee. I enjoy golf more now because of Simple Swing because I use the same basic swing and grip on all shots. It truly is simple.... For an advertising slogan I would go with K.I.S.S. "Keep It Simple Swing."
Fred H Barbacoas, Costa Rica

Short Game

  Thank you first of all for the "Simple Swing". In explaining what took place today I would borrow from the immortal words of the late, great Harry Carry, 
HOLY COW. Having an early tee time today I was looking through my Simple Swing Tips note book (I print out each monthly tip and put them in a binder). 
I read about the "heals together" to stabilize the lower body. So I took it to the range this morning before my round and was surprised at how crisp I was hitting every shot. So I took it to coarse on all my iron shots, long and short I was knocking the pins down. I have never been that accurate for a full round. And Long..... I've been playing golf for 44 years now and have never had so much fun. I am 70 yrs. old and usually shoot in the low 90s. Occasionally in the upper 80s. Today I shot 83. Keeping my heals together really stabilized my lower body. 
Thanks again for Simple Swing. 
Larry N. Clio, MI 

Just checking in. I played with my son last weekend who’s a legitimate 6 handicap. The last time I beat him he was in the 8th grade and he’s 24 now. I still didn’t beat him (he always makes me play from the back tees whenever we play). I was the first time we played together since I “re-tooled” my swing to be Simple. He told me that he had never seen me strike the ball so well for distance, direction and consistency. I even scared him for about 7 holes. Thanks for the help.
Bill W., New Richmond, OH

Low Handicappers
"As a low handicap player I was struggling with my swing consistency and scoring. I found Simple Swing easy to grasp and I have gained considerable distance and accuracy, but most importantly for me consistency."
Tony from Orlando, FL

I have been following your forum questions and your responses along with practicing the drills you have discussed with the simple swing. I had veered off course abit and my scores have been reflecting accordingly ( I am playing to an 8 handicap). Yesterday, I was reading the forum about the core power-turning the shoulder unit and practiced it a little in my living room with a wedge. Today I played my local course and using this process shot my best round (2 under on the front side and 1 over on the back) for a one under round. Using this method allowed me to consentrate on the shot and not worry about were the ball would go, it went right were I was aiming!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again.
Chuck L., Seattle, WA

Bought your two newest dvd's Simple Putting &Playing instructions and both are just great . I watched Simple Putting twice before puting it to use on the course . Shot a 77 the first time useing the system . Probably could have shot lower but it took the first nine to grove the swing . Front nine shot 41 back nine a 36 . Now I'm 71 years old with a 12 handicap and have shot in the high 70 's before but with this new found putting stroke I think I can bring that 12 down to a 7 or 8 handicap . Thanks for all the fun I having .
Jim L., Alta Loma, CA

"I have never hit my shots this straight"! Jake W. Orlando, Fla.

The hands have to be relaxed with no conscious manipulation of the hands. This results in straight shots and long shots because there is no muscular tension. Mike M.
I just wanted to tell you how great the Simple Power Swing is. I play to a 7 handicap. I am 56 years old and have played as low as a 3. I have never, ever felt comfortable with the driver. We were able to play in Wisconsin late into November and I had two of my best rounds playing SS. I drove the ball 20 yards farther and hit two 35 yard fairways with 270 yard drives. Other drives were terrific.
Randy R.

"I went from having no idea to actually hitting my ball where I aim it"!
John C. Orlando, Fla.

It is making me focus on a more compact swing. I realize that going a little too far is counter productive. I can hit the ball plenty far going just short of shoulder high. If I can groove that feeling and not try to overswing, my consistency will be vastly improved.

One does not lose this swing. I have been to multiple NG schools and used other systems trying to hang on to my game. This swing "plugs the leaks" and allows one to return the clubhead to the ball CONSISTENTLY.
Randy R.

As much as the full swing improved, the short game improved even more. Hand manipulation and deceleration are the killers with most short shots and if you simply use the same principles as the full swing the results are phenomenal.
This swing allows me to concentrate on the back of the ball only, with all clubs, and this results in better more consistent contact which builds confidence.
Mike M. Tampa, FL

"I was amazed how quickly I was able to hit it long and straight"! "My distance has increased dramatically! The Power Thumb Grip really keeps the clubface square to the ball"!
Ted W. Orlando, FL

"....asked me if I was working on my 'new swing', I just smiled and nodded. They had heard about my towering drives and scoring now well under a 100"!
Mike K. Danbury , CT

"Simple Swing lets me hit the ball hard, it's great".
John C. Orlando, Fla.

"Simple Swing is so easy to remember, I hit the ball straight the first time I ever hit balls"!
Jackie O. Winter Park, FL

I still ask questions and adjust stuff and that will go on for a good while yet. However when you have the club square all the way through and you keep your head back, it is almost like the club will go down the right path automatically. I never got that feeling with any other method and there is so much less to think about. What an easy way to play! Brimming with confidence and High Hopes.
Mike G, Richmond, VA

"I learned more in 45 minutes than I had in 100 lessons. Simple Swing allows you to understand the golf swing. As I senior golfer my distance is back.I'm hitting my irons 10-15 yards farther. It is a pure joy to play thisgood. Golf is fun again."
Hank D.Orlando, FL

"The first time ever on golf course for my son, and he hit a 212 yard 4 iron, truly amazing"!
Rich F., Danbury, CT

"I hit my seven iron 165 yards"! "It's the easiest swing I've ever learned".
Tom O. Winter Park, FL

Great DVD, learned more in one hour watching your DVD on Simple Power Swing than any other instruction video.
Jerry B, Bethel, CT

I just purchased your program through the internet last week and already am very impressed. Not just with the program itself but your Forum and the tips you send out.

For what I paid for the complete program including putting, your support is fantastic!
I have been practising and playing (I know I am supposed to wait but am retired and play several times a week) and when I get in the correct position as taught by the program the results are even better than you advertise! I have hit several shots not only longer but perfectly straight as described.
I am a mid-high handicapper(17) and have tried numerous systems over the years without much success. Your program is the only one I have encountered with an easy, repeatable swing and a setup that when followed makes the swing automatic.
This is the first and only program that I feel comfortable with and really enthused to follow!
I generally shoot in the high 80's and firmly believe I can average in the high 70's by following your system.
Thanks for the great system and all the support!
Mike F. Las Vegas

...results in the most beautiful follow through. I find myself posing a lot. Point is, feels funny, looks great.
Mike M.

I am keeping this to my self so when i go on my golf trip in April I'll beat the pants off my partners. Jerry B, Bethel, CT

"I had the biggest slice with my driver and after one hour with Simple Swing I'm hitting a draw that is going 280 - that over 30 yards farther"!
Todd G. Orlando, Fla.

I had picked up Natural Golf 5 years ago (it was ok) - then I switched to the Heard Super Swing (which was actually pretty good for me!) I needed better accuracy - and the SimpleSwing rocks! - very repeatable - Excellent!!!
Scott H., Brooklyn, OH

Curing the Slice 
I just wanted to let you know I received the package on Tuesday. I watched the DVD and read the manuals that night. Then I went to the driving range the next day (wed.) and was amazed at the improvement of my shots. I usually slice about 99% of the time, but after just a few swings using the SympleSwing system, I hit 50 balls with my driver and did not slice even once! I have never hit the ball so straight and long in my life! I was so impressed, I am thinking about buying the SympleSwing system for my dad on fathers day. I also wanted to say thank you for the awesome customer service you have provided. Thanks again, 
Daniel B. West Palm Beach, FL 

Junior Golfer
I received the symple golf program. I am a junior golfer, and struggled with consistency. Length was not an issue. I could nag a driver out there about 275 before the Symple swing. Now after about a week with the SS I hit every shot driver, iron wedge dead straight and can now hit my driver around 300 yards consistently. The Simple swing is so easy, I never have to think about anything, I just concentrate on the ball and let the SS do the work. I just wanted to say this is a great system and you guys should advertise it more on the golf channel or something
And I have introduced the Symple swing to my buddy just starting out, he's never hit a golf ball in his life. I got him to watch the tapes and we went to the driving range and he was actually hitting them straight. He just had a little problem with keeping the club on plane, but I instructed him to make sure he was coming down on plane and he is on his way to success.
Anthony M. Niagara Falls Canada

Simple Swing Chipping System
I have been using your SimpleSwing Chipping System for about six weeks. I hesitated to respond until I was sure my chipping had improved. Well, I am sure now!
I am a decent player (USGA Hdcp 7.5) but until now was always suspect from 50 yds in. I would hit some good shots but too often either skulled or chilli dipped scoring shots. I tried different methods with not much success. When I finally came across your system, I did not have a lot of confidence that things would change.
Your system gives me the freedom to concentrate on how close I want the ball from the hole. I am no longer worried about hitting it fat or thin. I believe that it saves me 3-4 strokes a round. My short game is much improved and I look for the HDCP to go down this year.
Thank you for your help. I would recommend this system to anyone.
Terry G. Canton, Ohio

Back Problems No More

I'm going to turn 50 in July, and have been playing for about 20 years now. I do have a pretty crappy back (disc bulges, vertebrae out of place etc.), and find the symple swing works well w/o alot of pain. I saw the request to try the different stance on the forum, and find that by lifting my right heel just enough to get my weight on the inside ball of my foot, it does cause me to get the shift to the left, and locks down my lower half. It does add a few yards in distance also. Everything said, I am very impressed, the swing is all you say it is, easy to learn, simple mechanically, and VERY repeatable w/o having a gazillion swing thoughts going through my head.

Jim S. Madison, Wisconsin

 Since I started back playing golf again I have been trying to swing in a way that did not require any turn in the back swing or the follow through. I have experimented with the LPG swing and the HSS swing with mixed results. I have used your grip and tried to swing with a bent elbow also with mixed results however I finally decided to swing the club exactly the way it is taught on the DVD and I am very pleased with the results so far. It seems that even if I keep the left arm straight for the first part of the swing I do not have any pain in my back and the ball goes where I want it to go with enough distance. Basically I am now using your swing the way it is taught on the DVD without any pain. I am a better than average golfer, I play on a par 72 golf course that is about 6500 yards long and I shoot between 75 and 85 with 75 being a very good day and 85 being an absolutely awful day. Most of the time I break 80 and shoot 77 or 78 and I get very upset when I shoot over 80. Having said all that, this is my first attempt to get back in touch with you and let you know that I can now play golf again and I am trying to use your swing system. I am sorry that it took so long but that is just how long it took for my spine to fuse and my doctor to allow me to play golf again.
George W, Morganfield KY

After having golf injuries for the last 5 years with a traditional and Moe swing. I have tried every swing I could think of to try to play injury free and still play good golf. Yesterday I shot a 74 and drove the ball 20 to 30 yards farther. I had one drive at 282 and two drives 270 and 275 and straight. My 3 wood off the tee was 250. I did miss 2 fairways and recovered with the symple short game. I did hook a couple of iron shots. But for the first time using this swing after my injuries I'm very pleased. I have room for improvement and my ribs were a little sore but I'm out of shape and at 5'6" and 61 yrs I can only get better. This is the only swing I know of that you can add distance with straighter shots. My friend that I have been playing golf with for 15 years just couldn't believe I drove the ball that far. Thanks to Joe and Mike for all your help.
Ray M, Cincinnati, OH

I have tried Natural Golf (lack of distance was a real problem), Peak Performance Golf (a right side dominated system, I'm left handed playing right handed and I cannot not do that plus my hands hang so my thumps point at 3 and 9 not 1 and 11).  Symple golf if not only the truly simplest swing there is but with your power thumb grib and left side control, it fits my like a glove.  Also, no more back pain.  Thanks....
Larry N. Arlington Heights, IL

The Merits of the Simple Swing System and The Simple Swing Instructional DVD's  

I became acquainted with Simple Golf over the internet last year.  With the over the phone help of Joe and Chuck at the Simple Golf  and the instructional DVD's  I shot golf balls out into the field in front of our family farm yard into the snow. As the snow melted in the spring I picked up my supply of personal driving range (farm field) balls and continued to work on the attention to the videos and the driver in achieving proper technique.   

I have been a Moe Norman (Natural Golf) Style golfer for 15 years. The right hand is far more active in the Natural swing so I had some obstinance with regard to trusting to take the right hand out of the influence on the club in the downswing.  That is to say "the right hand should just be along for the ride."   

Nonetheless I readily experienced an accuracy and consistency and reliable straightness that was easier to achieve than in my natural golf swing. By spring I was eager to try out the course. Suddenly I had a freak jobsite accident with a table saw that wounded the fingers on my right hand to the extent that I was unable to do my carpentry work until mid September.  From about August onward however I did hit Golf balls into the field at my farm on occasion.  Obviously due to the injury of my right hand I definitely had to take it out of the swing and am now at ease and very comfortable with Simple Swing grip philosophy of keeping the right hand out of the swing as much as possible. I only golfed two nine hole rounds last season after the pain was not too bad. Due to the nature of my hand injury, there can be a discomfort factor in my full speed swing if I do not adhere to a passive right handed Grip.   

Good News!!!!!!!!  Great results in the consistency, accuracy and an increase in “distance based on effort”. Since Mid-march I have been hitting a few balls at a time out into my field. I was away on a three week trip to   Calgary that I have just returned from. Out there, I have a friend Fred Cowley who is a golf instructor and owns an outfitting golf shop and swing monitor equipment and the like.  It was morning and at 53 years old and some sports injuries from prior years I was not quite limbered up but my friend put a new grip on my driver.  

I took a very brief warm-up and then hit 20 balls with my driver into the net and then Fred read the next 20 hits for the analysis.  He tested “my driver” against his readouts then gave me a shop driver that was close to the right match for my swing specifications.  Then another 20 balls hit. The analysis? 17 out of 20 balls in the fairway. The 3 that missed were not out by much. The average fairway line of my 20 drives was dead straight down the centre line of the screen.  My takeaway and delivery planes when averaged and overlayed were identically on top of each other and straight down the centreline of the readout screen.  

My average swingspeed was 99.3 MPH. Had I been more limbered up I could have achieved my 2 year ago average of 103 but I noticed a very notable efficiency of speed from effort factor to my swing that was not there before. So I know that once I am in a bit better golf shape after the winter slowdown and the right hand injury adjustment complete I will comfortably exceed my old swing speed average with same effort in.  So please folks listen to Joe Davidson and the staff and take a serious look at the Simple Golf system. It is easier to learn and improve at than natural golf. I golfed that way a long time and after mastering the basics of simple golf and its grip I adjusted and incorporated some of my old Natural Golf Style.  You might say for my own particular swing that I am 85% simple golfer and 15% Natural Golfer. However for myself I feel for myself it gives me a more comfortable powerful swing. Whatever the case I tip my hat to Joe Davidson and the people of Simple Golf for a system and DVD set with the following merit: A golf system, staff (Thanks to Chuck Niebel  as well as Joe) and Instructional DVD set that works on the basis of being simple understandable and reliable and absolutely the truth in the claims that are made. Thank you Simple Golf for a truly exciting golf experience that gives results that says that it WORKS!!! 
Sincere and Best Regards
Mr. Lynn J.,
 Saskatchewan , Canada

Handicapped golfer's difficult journey through conventional golf then with Natural Golf finally finding success with  Simple Swing
  I would like to begin by describing my golf game and what I went through before Simple Golf.  First, I should let you know I have a handicap.  I am a right handed golfer and my right arm/shoulder is partially paralyzed.  I have Erb`s Palsy [nerve damage that is a result of a neck injury].  I do not have good muscle or motor control of my right arm and shoulder.  For a complete explanation look to google.
  Second, I took tons of lessons.  I practised and played using the traditional golf method.  After 4 years I could not break 100.  My scores were in the 116-120 range. I loved the challenge of golf but could not improve.  If I took an average back swing my right elbow would flare out [flying elbow] but I could not come back to the ball consistently.  So, shortened my back swing.  I helped but not enough.  My score improved to 102-110 range.
  Third, I discovered Natural Golf or Moe Norman style of playing.  It appealed to because of the short back swing.  Also, it was advertised as an easier quicker way to improve your golf game.  So I got fitted with a set of Natural Golf Clubs and took some lessons.  A lot more practise and playing went on and I was breaking 100.  After 3 years, my score did not improve.  During this time, I realized that this method required a lot of controll and strength from the right arm and shoulder especially at the point of contact with the ball.  Again,  I could not come back to the ball consistently.  So I did not improve.  I could hit the sand wedge to 6 iron and driver with some confidence of keeping the ball in play.  The rest of the clubs [ 5 iron, 7,5 & 3 woods] were almost impossible for me to hit.
  At this point, I decided golf was a game I could not get satisfaction from.  For me, it was a game filled with anxiety and frustration.  I felt I should go on to sports like cycling where use of the arms are not as critical.
  As a last resort, I was surfing the net and reading any and all articles I could find on golf hoping to find a tip or technique that would save my game.  I happened to read the information on Simple Golf.  I thought it was worth looking into so I got all the instruction material [DVDs etc.]
   I started using Simple Chipping & Pitching with some success.  I seemed to fit me.  I was amazed at the distance and accuracy I got out of my short irons when I took a big swing while in the Simple Chipping stance.
  Fourth, I knew I should learn Simple Golf.  So, I watched the DVDs went out to the range and practised.  There were moments of brilliance but I could not get consistent.  When I got into The Power Set Stance I had trouble hitting longer irons and woods.  This is the same result I got with the other methods.  I got discouraged.  So, I thought I should accept the game that I have at the moment and forget about getting better at golf.
  Fifth, 2 years have gone by and I revisited Simple Golf and started over again.  This time my results were better with my short irons but I was having problems with The Power Set Stance and my long irons and woods.  So, I phone Joe Davidson to see if he could help.  I was making progress but I was still having trouble.  Joe spoke to me about lower body movement during  the swing on one of these phone calls.  The other phone call involved shoulder tilt and movement.  Joe e-mailed me an article on the use of the shoulders during the swing.  That article seemed to solve the problem.  After a brief practise round I was able to hit all of my long irons and woods for THE FIRST TIME EVER.
  The biggest outcome is that I have the ability to play good golf with my handicap because it is no longer a handicap with this method
  So a big "THANK YOU" to Joe.
 Norm N., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
(What Norm really did right was that he took advantage of our support system. Most all of us need a little extra help at some point with our game and that's exactly what the Simple Golf System gives you. Our support system (forum, e-mail and phone) has helped a high percentage of golfers take their game to the next level when other swing methods failed them. ) 

I've been a single digit HCP for the last 7 years. Typically hung in around 7 or 8. Basically had a kind of bastardized Natural Golf Swing. Began loosing distance, began working (somewhat haphazardly) on Symple swing about 18 months ago. I have to admit, with just video as an instruction, it was hard to really grasp the simplicity, shoulder rotation, and rather unactive lower body. But, in the 18 months it began to sink "Aha" moment after another. I'm now sitting between 4&5 HCP, which to me is very significant. I strike the ball much more solidly, and have picked up a few yards on all clubs. The best thing is that it is very repeatable, and when your game starts to stray south, it's very easy to fix and get back in the groove. One thing recently is Joe's post on using two clubs on the ground to track your swing plane and track. It really does work well, again, one of those "Aha" moments. If you aren't doing this, start immediately at the range. It is a significant swing tip/fix.
Jerry D.,  Placitas, Nebraska

Tried A Lot of Golf Swing Before
3 cheers for Simple Golf and its great staff! Although I have been and remain a constant reader of golf books, I am no longer looking for THE swing or THE key or THE secret. I think that Simple Golf covers it, and I'm reading now mainly on the mental aspects (am waiting for Golf's Three Noble Truths by Ragonnet and Golf's Sacred Journey by David Cook).

If and when I run into an impasse, I can just go through my DVDs and all the print-outs I made of your reports, tips and articles, or check the website for the appropriate material. I'm amazed at how well and how fast I've adapted to Simple Golf, and have already seen signs of improvement and indications that I can go lower, and expect to.

Will keep you posted from time to time. Aloha,
George K, Honolulu Hawaii

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