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What is Simple Swing™ - The Real Simple Golf Swing? 

Simple Swing is the most powerful way to hit a golf ball long and straight. (Note: You can use the terms Simple Swing or Simple Swing) We use sometimes use the "Simple" spellng because it makes us easier to find in the search engines.  It is the next generation golf swing, engineered from the ground up to be the easiest way to produce more distance. It is a proven repeatable golf swing which eliminates slices, yet is simple to learn with only 3 basic fundamentals. It is the product of over ten years of research by The Simple Golf Company.

We began by studying the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional golf swing. We have also researched all of the major alternative swing methods including Natural Golf (and single axis variations); Heard Super Swing, Austin, Blake and the swings of many long drive champions. Simple Swing does have some elements similar to a traditional swing and some of the alternative swings but it is a completely new more powerful swing which makes it easy to generate more swing speed and eliminate slicing.

Our original design goal for Simple Swing was to make it the easiest to learn golf swing. We have done that. It still may take some practice, but it can be learned dramatically quicker than any other swing. We find that golfers using Simple Swing can progress at a rate of 5 to 10 times faster than a traditional swing or any of the alternative methods.

We made Simple Swing more effective by reducing variables in the swing. For example, our Power Lock Stance takes some elements previously incorporated as part of your backswing and makes them part of your pre-swing set-up routine. This simplifies the actual swing. There¹s no time pressure or coordination problems in your pre-swing set-up, so it¹s much easier now to make sure these elements are correct. It¹s as if part of your backswing is already done for you. Our PowerThumb grip makes it easier to keep the club on plane during your backswing and downswing which eliminates a slice, by keeping the club face square to the swing plane eliminating club face rotation at impact. Simple Swing is a simplified single plane swing.

The Simple Swing is a "Core Powered Swing" because it is dominated by your turning your torso. Your torso turns with the shoulders start the backswing and the shoulders start the downswing. The shoulders (being turned by the torso) are the key to much of the dramatic distance increase that golfers experience with the Simple Swing. The power braced front leg in the PowerSet Stance makes it even more powerful because it reduces the motion of the lower body yet creates a very strong base to enable you to hit with more club head speed. The power braced front leg was modeled after the motion of home run hitters in baseball. Look at the lower body action of your favorite home run hitter, you will see many similarities to the Simple Swing, which generates much more rotational power than one which uses full weight shift and so much timing to perfect.

We have eliminated many of the things that normally go wrong in a golf swing so Simple Swing is longer, straighter and more consistent than any other swing. It is so effective and efficient because it has fewer moving parts moving in much simpler motions. And it turns out that longer, straighter and more consistent makes golf a lot more fun.

by Joe Davidson, President, The Simple Golf Company
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