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The Symple Putter

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Jack Youngblood Hall of Fame player for the LA Rams recently tried the Symple Putter. First he warmed up with his putter. Then we had him take 10 putts from 12 feet. He made only 1 of those putts with his putter. Next, and right on camera, we gave him a 5 minute lesson with the Symple Putter. He then made 5 out of 10 putts from 12 feet this time. Plus the 5 putts that missed were were so close that the next putt would be a gimme.

Watch Jack Youngblood improve his putting 500% in 20 minutes


See LPGA Champion Jan Stephenson Make Them From All Over With The Symple Putter

world's best putter
Jack Youngblood's 1st 10 putts with his own putter.
He only make 1 out of 10 and the putts that
he left weren't too close.

Jack Youngblood 5 ball cluster
After 5 minutes with the Symple Putter Jack made
5 out of 10 putters. Also notice how close his misses were.
The Symple Putter gave him both accuracy and distance control.


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Here's a video of putting using a Symple Putter and putting with the tip of a tee. The tee is attached to attached to the putter face so Mike has to putt with the just the tip of the tee. We apologize for the poor video quality on this clip. 

Putting With The Tip Of A Tee!!
Try This with your putter and you'll appreciate
how good the Symple Putter really is.

Putting with the tip of tee

We are very pleased to bring to you The New ‘Scoring Machine Putter’. The opportunity to become a great putter in now and we are doing everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied. ‘The Scoring Machine Putter’ from is guaranteed to make you “putt like a pro” immediately. We have had tremendous success teaching The Symple Putting Method and now you can have the putter that optimizes our method and insures you can now “Aim It and Make It”.

The New Symple Putter is only available for preferred mailing list members on a one time pre-introductory offer. Because of pre-sales demand we are going to Air Freight putters early instead of waiting on our ship to deliver in the fall. We are doing this on a limited basis, so this is a one time offer only to you.

The Symple Putter and Symple Putting Method dramatically improves your putting, we promise. If you have over 32 putts per round now please switch to our method as it really works and makes putting so much easier.
See what other golfers have had to say about Symple Putting.

Well, let's see...where to start!!??
Attended an all-day clinic in MD recently after following SS for about a year and wondering if it was a viable solution to my woes. It more than lived up to what is being said!.......................................... I cannot say how excited I am to go and practice. This past Saturday I spent two hours on the putting green using the method Mike showed and after about an hour it became evident that I can make over 90% of the putts that are 10ft and in from the hole! Wow...just wow!
I could go on and on ranting and raving, but it would take page upon page...I actually enjoy the game more now than ever before!
Rick W., MD

I had real measurable success with Simple Putting. On shorter putts of 6'-8'- I made 9 of 10, longer putts 15'- 20' I made 60%, much higher % than previously. Reducing the moving parts of the body is a huge benefit and it is a very repeatable stroke! Thanks  Tom P. AZ.

As you can see Symple Putting truly works and The Scoring Machine Putter guarantees making more putts and actually putting like a pro is now a real option.

The Scoring Machine will come with a new instructional DVD, beautiful headcover, and as always a complete money back guarantee.

90 Guarantee Simple Golf Swing Putter

NOTE: You'll be asked for your desired putter length. If you're unsure grab your current putter an measure from the to of the grip to the base of the putter head. Most average size male golfers use a 35 inch putter. We offer custom shaft lengths from 30 inches to 39 inches.

We are sorry this model is available only in a right handed model. We are working on designing a left hand model but we haven't scheduled a production date yet.

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