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Simple Golf FREE Support

Support for Simple Swing is FREE. We are dedicated to helping you become successful with Symple Swing.

We can offer FREE Simple Swing support only because Simple Swing is so much easier to learn than any other method of swing a golf club. Other golf methods cant afford to offer free support because their methods are so much more difficult and time consuming to learn.

Not only is Simple Swing the longest, most accurate and most consistent golf swing ever but it's also 5 to 10 times easier to learn that other methods. That said golfers do sometimes need help when learning Simple Swing. Most often this is because of other "baggage" from previous swings.

The bottom line is that we are here to make sure you are successful with Simple Swing. Here are the ways we can support you:

1. Free Simple Swing HelpDesk Support.
If you'd like to contact us directly just click on the link below to go to our Helpdesk and submit any comments or questions your might have about Simple Golf. Submitting a ticket to the HelpDesk is more reliable and faster than regular email.

Simple Golf E-mail Addresses Click Here
If you send us an e-mail please put the word SYMPLE somewhere in the subject line. This will help ensure your e-mail is answered promptly and not mixed up with the over five hundred junk e-mails we receive each day.

2. Free Simple Swing Phone Support. Yep, we offer free phone support. You should check the Simple Swing manual and online for your answer first. If you can't find your answer just pick the phone up any call us at 203-794-4900. We are here to help. If you do call we'd be happy to call you back so we could talk on our nickel. We do have a flat rate phone plan so calls to the U.S. and Canada don't cost us anything extra and most international calls are very inexpensive.

BTW, we'd be happy to schedule Skpye (voice over IP) session with any International Symple Swingers. Just  and tell us when you'd like to chat.

3. Free Simple Swing Video Analysis of your swing. Just send us a video clip of your swing and we'd be happy to analyze it for you. If have have a large file (over 5 meg) you can just send it to us by Optionally you can just send us a video tape, just give us a call to make sure we can handle the type of tape you're sending. (We normally work with miniDV and VHS tapes.)

If you're consider learning golf or improving your golf swing with some other method, ask them if they offer free support. If they don't offer free support ask them why.

For those that prefer hands-on instruction we do offer lessons with Simple Swing instructors See Instructor Details. We are developing a network of instructors around the U.S. and we do periodic Simple Swing clinics in various areas.