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single axis address and impact positions simple golf swing  
Address Position Impact Position

With Simple Swing your address and impact positions are identical. You start at address
in the position you want to be in at impact. Then you just turn your shoulders and make
your backswing. Turning your shoulders on your downswing returns you back to impact.
This means fewer body parts
 need to be controlled and timed to have a powerful golf swing.

Key elements of simple swing 
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Now you you can join the Thousands of Satisfied Golfers who have Experienced Dramatic Improvement Using The Simple Power Swing (SPS) Method.

The Simple Golf Company Guarantees you will –
• Gain 40 yards or more in Distance! Power Swing Really Works!
• Completely Eliminate Slicing! Learn the Secret Immediately!
• Triple your Accuracy – 13 Recorded HOLE in ONES using SPS!
• Learn Immediately, SPS Works for every level golfer!

Have you experienced these problems??
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 Frustrated with lessons that make the swing more confusing.
2- Purchased all the training aids that never made you play better.
3- Spent $$$ on new clubs but same bad swings = same bad shots.

The research team at Simple Golf spent years scientifically engineering an easier, more powerful, and accurate way to hit a golf ball.
Simple Power Swing (SPS) eliminates all the difficult parts of the golf swing!! This Means NO MORE -
• Club Face Rotation – which causes the ball to go way right or left.
• Weight Shift – causes bad shots with hips too quick, too slow etc.
• Confusion – now you can use the same swing for every club.

SPS is for you, the golfer who wants to get better immediately, to have more fun than ever, to actually play golf and not be frustrated with bad swings + bad shots = not knowing why. The Symple Power Swing Method Works Because -
• There are only 3 Basic Swing Fundamentals to Learn.
• It’s the same Powerful Accurate Swing from Tee to Green.
• You will know what a perfect swing is, what it feels like to repeat it.

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Simple Power Swing Golfer –
1- It is a Proven Method both Scientifically and with Thousands of Very Satisfied Golfers. Over 98% Complete Satisfaction Rate!
2- AAAA+ Customer Service – 24/7! Email, Phone, Video Analysis etc.
3- Complete Money Back Guarantee – 60 days on all DVD’s.

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    Ongoing free support by e-mail, on the forum and by phone. We want you to succeed and be very happy using Simple Swing so we will do everything possible to make sure you are successful.

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