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Is Simple Swing a Single Axis Golf Swing ?

Yes, Simple Swing is a single axis golf swing.

The most common definition defines a single axis swing  by the position of the trail arm at address. By that definition (and most all others) Simple Swing is certainly a single axis swing.

Most people in the single axis forum seem to believe Simple Swing is a single axis swing. It certainly is more of a single axis swing than a number of swings commonly discussed on the Single Axis Forum.

One of Simple Swing creators was a Natural Golf Certified Instructor so there are definitely some elements in Simple Swing  that will be very familiar to single axis swingers. In the development of Simple Swing we benchmarked against the Natural Golf swing and all the other single axis swing variations (Heard, Graves, BGG, Hazeldine, LPG, etc.)

If you have any technical questions please see the Simple Swing technical analysis here

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