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Short Game Student Lesson DVD Special Offer

This Short Game Student Lesson DVD follows a student (a senior golf from Australia) right through a whole short game lesson. This DVD runs an hour and twenty minutes and goes through every aspect of the short game including chipping, short pitches, long pitches, lob shots and sand shots. Watch our master instructor go through the whole short game sequence. Most importantly, watch this student make the same mistakes you make and then quickly learn how to correct those mistakes.

If you would like to be entertained (by an amazing 'senior' golfer from down under, an Aussie who has become a great friend) and amazed while learning everything from above PLUS Perfect Chipping, Perfect Pitching, Perfect Sand Shots, Perfect Flop Shots plus full swing wedge swings in the "Scoring Zone".

Special offer get the Short Game Student Lesson DVD now for only $29.99


This is not currently available. Check back soon.

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