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The Secrets of the Single Plane Swing Ebook Is Guaranteed
To Make You Hit the Ball Straigher Than You Ever Have Before!

The Secrets of the Single Plane Swing

Secrets of the Single Plane Swing
Learn The “Handy” Secret That Guarantees
Your Swing Will Always Be On-Plane

Learn A True Single Plane Swing
Very few people really understand the terms “Swing Plane” or “Single Plane Swing”. The Secrets of the Single Plane Swing Ebook (comes in an easy to read PDF format) explains the Swing Plane and the Single Plane Swing in a step by step way giving you checkpoints to make sure your swing is always “On-Plane”. We do this with pictures of every part of the swing which are clearly labeled and fully explained.

We are also going to explain exactly where your hands should be at address and why they absolutely have to be there. We’re going to show you the #1 reason all golfers have trouble making an on-plane golf swing.

We give you two simple checkpoints to guarantee that you can always get your swing on-plane. You can learn these checkpoints in under 5 minutes. 

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The Benefits Of The True Single Plane Swing
This Ebook will clearly show you the benefits of the Single Plane Swing. You will see why the Single Plane Swing is the most consistent, lowest maintenance swing there is. We will show you why the Single Plane Swing should be the only swing the “average golfer” ever uses.

Step By Step Through The Whole Backswing

In the Secrets Ebook we go though the whole swing step by step defining exactly where your club should be and why it should be there.

Address Position

We start Step-By-Step pictures of the address position defining exactly what the proper address position is and why the correct address position is so important.

Beginning Of The Backswing

We will show you how to keep your club on-plane during the beginning of your backswing. We show you a simple checkpoint to insure you always start your backswing on-plane. Checkpoint #1 is easy to do and this alone will get you on-plane most all the time.

Top of the Backswing

We also show Step-By-Step pictures of the top of the backswing. At the top of your backswing Checkpoint #2 will insure that you don’t “get lost” and go off-plane at the top of your backswing.

Simple Practice Swing Drill

We will give you a simple waggle type drill to do before every swing that will insure that your swing starts on-plane and stays on-plane.

All Levels Of Golfers Will Be Helped By The Secrets of the Single Plane Swing

Secrets will show low handicappers things about their swing that they never knew before. Our Step-By-Step pictures will help higher handicappers understand their swings for the first time.

The Importance Of Being On-Plane

Our Step-By-Step pictures will clearly define the “swing plane” for you and show you the importance of making sure your swing is “on-plane”. We will show you why the two plane swing (and off-plane swing by definition) is so complicated that it’s unlikely the average golfer can ever master it.

No Other Product Has Ever Given Golfers Precise On-Plane Checkpoints Before
Never before have you been able to check if your swing is on-plane or not. Now you have a two simple to learn checkpoints that guarantee you’re always on-plane. These checkpoints are so simple you can easily integrate them them into a practice swing in your pre-shot routine.

Learn the Secrets
of the Single Plane Swing
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Secrets of the Single Plane Swing
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