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Questions and Answers

What makes Simple Power Swing easier to learn than all other golf swings?
The quick answer is that there are fewer moving parts in Simple Power Swing and the parts that do move, move in simpler motions. We've been working on Simple Power Swing for almost 10 years. It has been engineered from the ground up to be the easiest possible way to efficiently hit a golf ball.

Is Simple Power Swing only good for beginners?
Absolutely not. Beginners will see the quickest benefits because they do not have any bad habits to unlearn like most golfers do. Our success with mid and low handicappers is just as great as with beginners. However, we realize that it is a very big commitment for a mid or low handicapper to make a major swing change. We figure mid and low handicapper will be motivated enough to try Simple Power Swing as soon as they play a round with a beginning Simple Swinger.

You say I'll gain 10% more distance with Simple Power Swing. How can that be?
Actually you will probably see more of a distance gain than that but we scaled back our claims to make them be more believable. Higher handicap golfers will actually see the largest percentage gains because they have so much room for improvement. It's possible some very long hitting low handicappers or pros might pick up less that 10% distance. For real long hitters the biggest benefits may be in accuracy and consistency. They'll probably find that they're a bit longer but they will suddenly be much more accurate even on their longest drives.

What do you mean when you say I'll be 50% more accurate?
Here we are talking about the width of your dispersion pattern. Let's say you normally spray your 5 iron up to 30 yards right and up to 20 yards left for a dispersion pattern total of 50 yards wide. We're saying that your dispersion pattern with Simple Power Swing will shrink to 25 yards wide. This means you'll hit lots more greens and be a lot closer to the pin. (Yes, we realize that halving the pattern technically means we�re 100% more accurate.)

Are any PGA touring pro's using Simple Power Swing?
Not at the present time. Simple Power Swing is brand new and has not been shown to any touring pros yet.

Is Simple Power Swing like Natural Golf?
No. There are a couple of minor similarities but Simple Power Swing has just as much in common with the traditional golf swing. Simple Power Swing is much easier to learn than Natural Golf and it�s much longer.

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