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Video Clip From Symple Putting DVD

Simple Putting Instructional DVD
Symple Putting is an amazing new easy to learn putting method. It's so easy you can learn it in an hour. It makes short putts into gimmes. Complete with all the latest instruction and fundamentals on how to use the revolutionary Symple Putting Method. This new DVD is almost an hour long and includes insider tips on drills to make you a great putter immediately, lessons on putting from the fringe, how to gauge the speed on long putts, how to handle the fast downhill breakers, how to read the slope of the green and most importantly is how to master the easy to learn Symple Putting Method which guarantees you will become a great putter inside of 20 feet.

If you have over 32 putts per round, you must try Simple Putting. If you push or pull your makeable 10 footers than this is the new way for you to putt. If you have ever been nervous over a 4 footer and just yipped it, then this easy to learn method is the answer.
Symple Putting guarantees hitting the ball on the intended line. Guarantees more confidence as you become a speed putter and not a hit and hope it goes in. This instructional DVD will lower your scores immediately as you make more putts and eliminate 3 putting as all your putts will now go right at the cup.


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