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Video Clip From Simple Swing Short Game DVD

Simple Swing Short Game DVD  
We have had amazingly positive feedback from golfers everywhere who have learned so much from the Short Game Instructional DVD. We have decided to continue to offer the special low price of only $19.99 to anyone who has not tried this all inclusive short game instruction. The Short Game DVD is guaranteed to lower your scores immediately as you master the pitch shot, lob shot and sand explosion shot. Learn in less than an hour how to play every shot from 75 yards and in. Master the most difficult shots in golf with laser like accuracy! Plus you will gain so much confidence in your short game getting the ball closer to the pin by eliminating fat shots and topped shots. We promise you will get the ball closer to the pin which in turn makes putting significantly easier when you have a tap-in after a pitch shot instead of a 20 footer. Includes a student lesson and drills on how to make sure you are mastering the Short Game!

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