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Video Clip Of Playing Lesson DVD

The Playing Lesson DVD  
This new DVD from Simple Golf is the Simple Power Swing Playing Lesson Instructional DVD. This brand new concept comes with complete information from the moment you get to the course. It includes segments on stretching and loosening to maximize your distance every time you play. Also teaches you how to warm up and get ready on the practice tee to insure the best round of golf every time you play, plus warm up drills on the putting green to make sure your ready to have a great putting round.

A complete playing lesson with shot by shot strategy, while using The Simple Power Swing Method. The best club selection, where to hit the ball to score better, how to get the ball close to the pin are part of this brand new and exciting DVD. This latest addition to the Simple Power Swing DVD series guarantees to help your play better and lower your scores immediately as you see the Simple Power Swing Method in action on the golf course.

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