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Own Your Swing DVD  
We have just finished our latest DVD "Secrets to "Own Your Swing". I highly recommend this hour long DVD which deals with helping every aspect of your swing. Most importantly it teaches you how to harness your mental and physical power, take it to the course and like Hogan and Moe Norman truly "OWN" your golf swing.

This back to basics dvd is patterned after what we teach in a lesson or clinic. The objective is for you to know what a correct swing is, learn it, remember it and how to repeat on the course with any club every time. This is critical information is given so you will know your swing and how to repeat a good powerful swing without having to 'think' about it or over analyze at address. This is a must for everyone who wants to get over the hump and play great golf every time out using SPS.

We cover all aspects of SPS. Lesson Tips, Putting and Chipping it exactly at your target every time, The 2 Critical Checkpoints in the swing (the true Secret to Owning your Swing), Training Aid recommendations and The Mental Edge with SPS. We want everyone to master the Symple Power Swing and this DVD will give you the insight and know how to play every round of golf from now on knowing "here is another good swing" and watching the ball go right at your target with power.
(Note: The Simple Power Swing Instructional DVD is a prerequisite to getting this DVD)

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