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Video Clip Of Advanced Drill and Instruction DVD

The Advanced Drills DVD 

The Advanced Drills and Instruction DVD covers all of basic fundamentals teaching you how to advance faster using the Simple Swing Method. Joe and I cover the new T- Lock Stance so everyone can eliminate unwanted weight shift which causes so many bad shots.

We clarify Ball Position for all clubs and discuss correct "Distance from the Ball" at address.

We have found the Simple Swing Shoulder Waggle is most important as a pre shot routine which makes your take away perfect.

We also include the getting the Correct Swing Plane for your different length clubs and how to "Follow Through Correctly" which basically eliminates hooks and pulls.

There is also a short segment on how to hit short irons into the wind to maximize distance and accuracy into the wind.

Finally there is the lesson Joe gives to a new Simple Swinger who is hitting a lot of pulls and hooks without much distance who was delighted to have Joe work with him and 'fix' all his faults from address thru the follow through.

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