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This is what one good golfer says about the Simple Swing Chipping System
I have been using your SimpleSwing Chipping System for about six weeks. I hesitated to respond until I was sure my chipping had improved. Well, I am sure now!
I am a decent player (USGA Hdcp 7.5) but until now was always suspect from 50 yds in. I would hit some good shots but too often either skulled or chilli dipped scoring shots. I tried different methods with not much success. When I finally came across your system, I did not have a lot of confidence that things would change.
Your system gives me the freedom to concentrate on how close I want the ball from the hole. I am no longer worried about hitting it fat or thin. I believe that it saves me 3-4 strokes a round. My short game is much improved and I look for the HDCP to go down this year.
Thank you for your help. I would recommend this system to anyone.
Terry G. Canton, Ohio

I came across your website, downloaded the chipping e-book and headed for the backyard. In just a few swings I was hitting crisp chips and short pitches. Needless to say I ordered the DVD that evening. When the package arrived, my wife (who is a pretty decent golfer) shook her head and sighed!

That was four days and three trips to the driving range ago. We played nine holes yesterday afternoon, and her comment after my fourth consecutive drive of 240+ yds landed in the short grass was, "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?"

Before employing the Simple Swing, I was lucky to net 180 yds off the tee after the ball stopped slicing. I did not have a hint of a slice yesterday. Pitches from 75 yds in landed on the green. Believe me when I tell you this is a first for me. I hit two bad shots--a pulled drive off the first tee and a fat 7-wood on a par 5. On the way home my wife said, "Whatever you were doing out there today, for heaven's sake, keep doing it!"

Obviously you guys have nailed the physics of the golf swing, but equally as important, your instructional materials are crystal clear. You explain the grip, the stance, and swing mechanics in ways that I could understand and emulate. Thank you!

I am old enough and experienced enough to know that 9 holes does not a golfing future make, but somehow, I think chasing the little white ball is going to be a whole lot more fun in the days to come!

Major M., Jasper, GA.