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Why Is Simple Swing™ Better Than Natural Golf ?

Simple Swing is longer, more accurate and more consistent than the Natural Golf swing. I can say that because I know both swings very well. I am a former Natural Golf certified instructor and the shortcomings of Natural Golf (and the traditional swing) was what motivated me to develop The Simple Swing.

During our developmental process the Natural Golf swing was one of the swings we bench marked against.  We have a large number of Natural Golfers converting to Simple Swing. In fact, some former Natural Golfers have joked that we should rename the company "Super Natural Golf".

Simple Swing does have some similarities to Natural Golf, however there are some very big differences. The biggest difference is that Simple Swing is a much more powerful swing than the Natural Golf swing. Most Natural Golfers pick up at least one full club of distance when they convert to Symple Swing.

Plus Simple Swing is a simpler swing with fewer moving parts than Natural Golf so it's easier to learn. Simple Swing is the next generation of golf swing. It was designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-learn golf swing. It was also designed eliminate the problems of the earlier generation golf swings like the Natural Golf swing.

You may have heard the term "Single Plane Swing" recently. Well, Simple Swing is the most "Single Plane Swing" there is, because our PowerThumb grip allows us to stay more "on-plane" during our backswing and downswing than any other swing.

Here's what former Natural Golfers say about The Simple Swing.

2 1/2 years ago I took up Natural Golf because my lowerback muscles were killing me when I played. While Natural Golf let me play again and I could hit the ball very straight most of the time, I could generate the distance I needed with the hands and arms oriented swing. It became apparent that one must have very strong forearms and hands in order to generate the type of impact Naturel Golf requires. Also, in order to have one hips square to the ball at impact still put some pressure on the lower back muscles. It took a year to turne of the lower body movement tradional golf requires (I'm 69).

I found your simple golf system 4 weeks ago and after reviewing the website, I ordered you DVD's. While it made sense to me, I could get it to work until I review the Distance Tips and Drills and discovered what was missing. When I saw the left knee and belt buck explanation, it all fell into place.

No more back stress, the worst part of my game (driving) has become the most constant part of my game, I have increased driving distance by as much as 25 yards, have to use less club on most all fairway shots. I'm left handed playing write handed and still have to cure a bit of a draw on shorter irons (I'im studying the short game DVD).

At my age I have more distance then when I was younger. I still hit the ball very straight as I did with Natural Golf and do it more constantly with Simple Golf. Most of my new distance has occured in the last two weeks and my playing compansions don't understand how it suddenly appeared. I tell everyone and can (especially the older golfers I play with) about Simple Golf.

Thanks for taking the Natural Golf concept to the next level. The Simple Golf Swing is amazing and allows me to play the type of golf I have always dreamed about.
Larry N, Arlington Heights, IL

I wanted to thank you for enlightening me as to how easy it can be to hit a golf ball! After struggling with Natural Golf and the Heard Super Swing with little improvement I found myself hitting longer more accurate shots after our short lesson! For the first time I actually know why I hit a bad shot and how to correct it. Beginning by learning the chipping motion and working your way up to the full swing using essentially the same swing fundamentals made matters even easier. We started with a wedge and my last shot with the driver was a thing of beauty! You have made me a believer!
Bob G. - New Jersey

I used to play Natural Golf, which is fine for accuracy, however, my distance suffered, and never could get my slice completely tamed.  My drives off the tee were 180-190 Yards.

Today, after several weeks of converting to this new swing, I played 9 holes.  I had one drive 280 yards, the rest were over 240, except for my worst drive of the day, at 205, and all were straight or with a small draw.  I am thrilled with Symple Golf!  Thank You Joe!
Don B. Murfreesboro, TN

I am 69 and in the past few years have found my yardage reduced with the normal swing. I just can't turn as well as I could and I was lucky to hit it 180 yards. I tried Natural Golf and made little progress so last year I switched to Simple Golf with the following results:

1. My drives are 15-20% longer averaging well over 200 yards. And that ain't bad for an old fellow.
2. The most improvement I have seen has been in my irons. I am hitting them higher, straighter and further than ever.
3. My chipping has improved by 50%. I rarely chili dip or skull a chip and I am able to pull off flop shots regularly. I have had two chip-ins in the last 2 rounds, also my sand shots are much better.
4. My scores have dropped from 100-105 to 92-96 over the past six rounds. I expect to start breaking 90 soon.
5. Although I have been unable to incorporate the Simple Putting into my game, ( I am tall and the putter wobbles) I have changed my grip to THE grip on all shots even putting. I find that THE grip locks my right elbow on line and my putts roll better and I have eliminated the dreaded pull. I have only been using THE grip for putting the last two rounds and expect to continue to improve.

Other golfers remark on my lack of mishits (tops and pulls) off the tee. I enjoy golf more now because of Simple Swing because I use the same basic swing and grip on all shots. It truly is simple.... For an advertising slogan I would go with K.I.S.S. "Keep It Simple Swing."
Fred H Barbacoas, Costa Rica

I had picked up Natural Golf 5 years ago (it was ok) - then I switched to the Heard Super Swing (which was actually pretty good for me!) I needed better accuracy - and the SimpleSwing rocks! - very repeatable - Excellent!!!
Scott H., Brooklyn, OH

I became acquainted with Simple Golf over the internet last year.  With the over the phone help of Joe and Chuck at the Simple Golf  and the instructional DVD's  I shot golf balls out into the field in front of our family farm yard into the snow. As the snow melted in the spring I picked up my supply of personal driving range (farm field) balls and continued to work on the attention to the videos and the driver in achieving proper technique.   

I have been a Moe Norman (Natural Golf) Style golfer for 15 years. The right hand is far more active in the Natural swing so I had some obstinance with regard to trusting to take the right hand out of the influence on the club in the downswing.  That is to say "the right hand should just be along for the ride."   

Nonetheless I readily experienced an accuracy and consistency and reliable straightness that was easier to achieve than in my natural golf swing. By spring I was eager to try out the course. Suddenly I had a freak jobsite accident with a table saw that wounded the fingers on my right hand to the extent that I was unable to do my carpentry work until mid September.  From about August onward however I did hit Golf balls into the field at my farm on occasion.  Obviously due to the injury of my right hand I definitely had to take it out of the swing and am now at ease and very comfortable with Simple Swing grip philosophy of keeping the right hand out of the swing as much as possible. I only golfed two nine hole rounds last season after the pain was not too bad. Due to the nature of my hand injury, there can be a discomfort factor in my full speed swing if I do not adhere to a passive right handed Grip.   

Good News!!!!!!!!  Great results in the consistency, accuracy and an increase in “distance based on effort”. Since Mid-march I have been hitting a few balls at a time out into my field. I was away on a three week trip to Calgary that I have just returned from. Out there, I have a friend Fred Cowley who is a golf instructor and owns an outfitting golf shop and swing monitor equipment and the like.  It was morning and at 53 years old and some sports injuries from prior years I was not quite limbered up but my friend put a new grip on my driver.  

I took a very brief warm-up and then hit 20 balls with my driver into the net and then Fred read the next 20 hits for the analysis.  He tested “my driver” against his readouts then gave me a shop driver that was close to the right match for my swing specifications.  Then another 20 balls hit. The analysis? 17 out of 20 balls in the fairway. The 3 that missed were not out by much. The average fairway line of my 20 drives was dead straight down the centre line of the screen.  My takeaway and delivery planes when averaged and overlayed were identically on top of each other and straight down the centreline of the readout screen.  

My average swingspeed was 99.3 MPH. Had I been more limbered up I could have achieved my 2 year ago average of 103 but I noticed a very notable efficiency of speed from effort factor to my swing that was not there before. So I know that once I am in a bit better golf shape after the winter slowdown and the right hand injury adjustment complete I will comfortably exceed my old swing speed average with same effort in.  So please folks listen to Joe Davidson and the staff and take a serious look at the Simple Golf system. It is easier to learn and improve at than natural golf. I golfed that way a long time and after mastering the basics of simple golf and its grip I adjusted and incorporated some of my old Natural Golf Style.  You might say for my own particular swing that I am 85% simple golfer and 15% Natural Golfer. However for myself I feel for myself it gives me a more comfortable powerful swing. Whatever the case I tip my hat to Joe Davidson and the people of Simple Golf for a system and DVD set with the following merit: A golf system, staff (Thanks to Chuck Niebel  as well as Joe) and Instructional DVD set that works on the basis of being simple understandable and reliable and absolutely the truth in the claims that are made. Thank you Simple Golf for a truly exciting golf experience that gives results that says that it WORKS!!! 
Sincere and Best Regards Mr. Lynn J., Saskatchewan , Canada

Handicapped golfer's difficult journey through conventional golf then with Natural Golf finally finding success with  Simple Swing
  I would like to begin by describing my golf game and what I went through before Simple Golf.  First, I should let you know I have a handicap.  I am a right handed golfer and my right arm/shoulder is partially paralyzed.  I have Erb`s Palsy [nerve damage that is a result of a neck injury].  I do not have good muscle or motor control of my right arm and shoulder.  For a complete explanation look to google.
  Second, I took tons of lessons.  I practised and played using the traditional golf method.  After 4 years I could not break 100.  My scores were in the 116-120 range. I loved the challenge of golf but could not improve.  If I took an average back swing my right elbow would flare out [flying elbow] but I could not come back to the ball consistently.  So, shortened my back swing.  I helped but not enough.  My score improved to 102-110 range.
  Third, I discovered Natural Golf or Moe Norman style of playing.  It appealed to because of the short back swing.  Also, it was advertised as an easier quicker way to improve your golf game.  So I got fitted with a set of Natural Golf Clubs and took some lessons.  A lot more practise and playing went on and I was breaking 100.  After 3 years, my score did not improve.  During this time, I realized that this method required a lot of controll and strength from the right arm and shoulder especially at the point of contact with the ball.  Again,  I could not come back to the ball consistently.  So I did not improve.  I could hit the sand wedge to 6 iron and driver with some confidence of keeping the ball in play.  The rest of the clubs [ 5 iron, 7,5 & 3 woods] were almost impossible for me to hit.
  At this point, I decided golf was a game I could not get satisfaction from.  For me, it was a game filled with anxiety and frustration.  I felt I should go on to sports like cycling where use of the arms are not as critical.
  As a last resort, I was surfing the net and reading any and all articles I could find on golf hoping to find a tip or technique that would save my game.  I happened to read the information on Simple Golf.  I thought it was worth looking into so I got all the instruction material [DVDs etc.]
   I started using Simple Chipping & Pitching with some success.  I seemed to fit me.  I was amazed at the distance and accuracy I got out of my short irons when I took a big swing while in the Simple Chipping stance.
  Fourth, I knew I should learn Simple Golf.  So, I watched the DVDs went out to the range and practised.  There were moments of brilliance but I could not get consistent.  When I got into The Power Set Stance I had trouble hitting longer irons and woods.  This is the same result I got with the other methods.  I got discouraged.  So, I thought I should accept the game that I have at the moment and forget about getting better at golf.
  Fifth, 2 years have gone by and I revisited Simple Golf and started over again.  This time my results were better with my short irons but I was having problems with The Power Set Stance and my long irons and woods.  So, I phone Joe Davidson to see if he could help.  I was making progress but I was still having trouble.  Joe spoke to me about lower body movement during  the swing on one of these phone calls.  The other phone call involved shoulder tilt and movement.  Joe e-mailed me an article on the use of the shoulders during the swing.  That article seemed to solve the problem.  After a brief practise round I was able to hit all of my long irons and woods for THE FIRST TIME EVER.
  The biggest outcome is that I have the ability to play good golf with my handicap because it is no longer a handicap with this method
  So a big "THANK YOU" to Joe.
 Norm N., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
(What Norm really did right was that he took advantage of our support system. Most all of us need a little extra help at some point with our game and that's exactly what the Simple Golf System gives you. Our support system (forum, e-mail and phone) has helped a high percentage of golfers take their game to the next level when other swing methods failed them. ) 


More Distance
For example, it is generally agreed that lack of distance was a major problem for many Natural Golfer's. Simple Swing normally gives golfers at least one club more distance without any increase in effort. Simple Swing uses what is called Synchronized Power™ to generate such powerful shots. What this does is to synchronize the power of the torso, arms and hands so the power is used in an additive way.

More Accuracy
While Natural Golf was an accurate golf swing, Symple Swing is even more accurate because with Simple Swing the club face stays square to the swing plane throughout the backswing and downswing. Natural Golfers have to open their club faces on the back swing and close the club on the downswing. Most Simple Swingers find the dispersion patterns of their shots shrink by 50% or more. That means more balls on the fairways and greens.

More Consistency
While Natural Golf was a relatively consistent golf swing, Simple Swing is much more consistent. It is more consistent because we have fewer body parts moving. Those body parts that are moving during the swing are moving in much simpler motions. Because there are few things to go wrong there is much more consistency with Simple Swing.

While Natural Golf was modeled after the swing of Moe Norman, some of the folks most familiar with Moe's swing have said Simple Swing's ball flight is the most "Moe like" ball flight of any golf swing they have seen. We believe Simple Swing will enable more golfers to hit the ball "like Moe" than any other swing.

Natural Golfers generally make a quick transition to Simple Swing. They get even more accuracy than they had with Natural Golf and they generally pick up at least one club in distance. Symple Golf LLC provides complete email, forum and telephone support for Simple Swing. We will work with you to make sure you are successful.

BTW, you should sign up for our newsletter and then you immediately be able to download a free Symple Chipping Ebook which will give you a good introduction to Simple Swing.

As I said, at one time I was a Natural Golf Certified Instructor so I am well familiar with the Natural Golf swing. If you have any questions about the Natural Golf Swing compared Simple Swing please feel free to contact me at or call me at 203-794-4900. I'd be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions. Note: The fastest and most reliable way to contact me is through our Simple Golf Helpdesk at 

Joe Davidson - President
Simple Golf

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