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Why Is Symple Power Swing™
Better Than Natural Golf ?

Symple Swing is longer, more accurate and more consistent than the Natural Golf swing. I can say that because I know both swings very well. I am a former Natural Golf certified instructor and the shortcomings of Natural Golf (and the traditional swing) was what motivated me to develop Symple Swing.

During our developmental process the Natural Golf swing was one of the swings we bench marked against. We have a large number of Natural Golfers converting to Symple Swing. In fact, some former Natural Golfers have joked that we should rename the company "Super Natural Golf".

Symple Swing does have some similarities to Natural Golf, however there are some very big differences. The biggest difference is that Symple Swing is a much more powerful swing than the Natural Golf swing. Most Natural Golfers pick up at least one full club of distance when they convert to Symple Swing.

Plus Symple Swing is a simpler swing with fewer moving parts than Natural Golf so it's easier to learn. Symple Swing is the next generation of golf swing. It was designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-learn golf swing. It was also designed eliminate the problems of the earlier generation golf swings like the Natural Golf swing.

You may have heard the term "Single Plane Swing" recently. Well, Symple Swing is the most "Single Plane Swing" there is, because our PowerThumb grip allows us to stay more "on-plane" during our backswing and downswing than any other swing.

More Distance
For example, it is generally agreed that lack of distance was a major problem for many Natural Golfer's. Symple Swing normally gives golfers at least one club more distance without any increase in effort. Symple Swing uses what is called Synchronized Power™ to generate such powerful shots. What this does is to synchronize the power of the torso, arms and hands so the power is used in an additive way.

More Accuracy
While Natural Golf was an accurate golf swing, Symple Swing is even more accurate because with Symple Swing the club face stays square to the swing plane throughout the backswing and downswing. Natural Golfers have to open their club faces on the back swing and close the club on the downswing. Most Symple Swingers find the dispersion patterns of their shots shrink by 50% or more. That means more balls on the fairways and greens.

More Consistency
While Natural Golf was a relatively consistent golf swing, Symple Swing is much more consistent. It is more consistent because we have fewer body parts moving. Those body parts that are moving during the swing are moving in much simpler motions. Because there are few things to go wrong there is much more consistency with Symple Swing.

While Natural Golf was modeled after the swing of Moe Norman, some of the folks most familiar with Moe's swing have said Symple Swing's ball flight is the most "Moe like" ball flight of any golf swing they have seen. We believe Symple Swing will enable more golfers to hit the ball "like Moe" than any other swing.

Natural Golfers generally make a quick transition to Symple Swing. They get even more accuracy than they had with Natural Golf and they generally pick up at least one club in distance. Symple Golf provides complete email, forum and telephone support for Symple Swing. We will work with you to make sure you are successful.

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As I said, at one time I was a Natural Golf Certified Instructor so I am well familiar with the Natural Golf swing. If you have any questions about the Natural Golf Swing compared Symple Swing please feel free to contact me at or call me at 203-794-4900. I'd be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions.

Joe Davidson - President
Simple Golf