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Simple Swing Golf Schools And Nationwide Clinics

Clinic Schedule

Because of the economy and increased travel costs this year the Simple Golf clinics are temporarily on hold.

Call 203-794-4900
for additional information-

We plan on doing Simple Swing Clinics around the county (and sometimes out of the country) each year. We hope to be doing clinics throughout the East, Midwest and West later this year.

If you're interested in Clinic in a specific city please let us know by putting a message in on the Simple Golf HelpDesk at  Just tell us what city you're interested in and if the current date works for you.

Note: Most full day Clinics are priced about $195 but there can be some differences depending on instructor and location.

Want a Simple Swing Clinic In Your Area?
Here's how to make Simple Swing Clinic happen in your area. First, draft a few golfing friends. If you get 4-5 people who are interested in attending that immediately tells us your Clinic will likely have enough attendees. One other very important thing we need is a location to hold the clinic. For the clinic, we need a course or a driving range preferably with a putting green where we can teach chipping.

If you can help recommned a courses or range in your area willing to let us come in for the Clinic, the odds of doing a Clinic in your area go way up. You don't have to negotiate with the course or range, just find someone who's open to the possibility of us coming in and holding a Clinic at their facility and we'll take it from there. As long as we get 6 people committed for the clinic we will go forward. As soon as we have more that 6 people committed we will arrange to bring in additional Simple Swing certified instructors needed for the larger group. We can handle all levels of golfers from beginners to low handicappers.

For additional information about getting a Simple Swing Clinic in your area just put message in on the HelpDesk telling us where you'd like to see a clinic
 or call 203-794-4900.

-Take care and we look forward to meeting you at a clinic near you in the near future.