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The Mental Edge DVD 

“The Mental & Physical Secrets to Playing Great Golf Consistently”
By Ordering our New Groundbreaking DVD you become a member
of our New Premium Coaching and Support Program. Here are the benefits:

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1-   You receive our Mental Edge DVD - over 80 minutes of in studio coaching, on the course playing golf implementing our guaranteed strategies to play great golf consistently. 
2-   You receive phone coaching sessions by Joe Davidson to enable you to understand and define your steps to playing great golf. How to progress quickly by knowing your strengths and weaknesses in our New ‘Play Great Golf’ Game Plan, how to improve in every phase of the game by Shot Analysis and Practice Plans. 
3-   You receive our New ‘Play Great Golf’ Game Plan as an Ebook after your coaching sessions to insure you path to success is followed. 
4-   You receive special discounts to any of our New Clinics, Golf Schools, Simple Golf Annual Charity Tournaments, Updates on Simple Power Swing Fundamentals, Video Tips (never before seen) and much more.   

First, I want to welcome you to our New Premium Personal Coaching and Support Program. Thank you for investing in your golf game, our Simple Power Swing and giving us the opportunity to work with you. I guarantee you will be a better player by following our plan, by understanding what it takes to play this sport to the best of your ability!

 Second, once you order our New DVD, The Mental Edge (as it is well over an hour long), we start off by sending you this ‘Course Outline’ as a guide to be able to learn, refer to, review and understand the plan we are implementing. This Guide is based on proven strategies that work in any endeavor and all of this is covered in the DVD, plus what I need from you as we set up our phone coaching sessions.

 Next, once we set up our initial Phone Coaching Session after you have watched the DVD and have a recent scorecard with your Greens in Regulation, Fairways in Regulation and Total Putts. This will give us a baseline in which to understand where you are and how to start progressing immediately.

 This groundbreaking DVD contains the following information that I want you to be able to read and understand as you make your Personal Plan to Play Great Golf. Here is what you will be exposed to and must commit to as we have fun and make significant progress on your journey to playing great golf.


 Overview of The Mental Edge

1. Know your Outcome - Plan It. This means you must write it down. Set a Goal. If you just think about playing better, think about wanting to play better, ‘Its just a dream, a thought’. If you write it down, It Then Becomes a Goal. We will discuss this during our phone session, personally I believe that anyone playing from the correct tees (distance - yardage) can and should score in the low to mid 80’s, even if you shoot high 90’s or higher. Also, if you shoot in the 80’s now then you must set and accomplish the goal of mid 70’s. 

2. Know your Reason Why. To enjoy golf more? To compete on a higher level, lol to beat your usual playing partners? Essentially Know your Motivation, know what motivates you and understand why you are committing to playing great golf consistently. 

3. Take Action - Practice Correctly. This is of utmost importance that you Learn how to practice correctly, both mentally and physically. The benefits of training your Mind and Muscles to execute on the golf course Under Pressure is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have once you accomplish this. 

4. Must Change your Approach. Know what you are doing, stick to this new approach, new attitude, new vision of better results, new training method, new Mental and Physical understanding of How to Play Great Golf by executing good swing after good swing every time.  

 The Mental Edge DVD 

I. Introduction (in studio)  

A. Learn to set Your Goals Correctly. How to Achieve More Fairways in Regulation (FIR’s), more Greens in Regulation (GIR’s), Putts per Round (PPR’s). This guarantees improvement immediately on the course. 
B. How to Achieve each goal in practice and on the course.
C. How to Mentally Visualize each swing in practice and on the course.
D. How to Own Your Swing.
E. Attitude in practice and on the course, understanding Pressure, Fear, Excitement, Nerves, Focus.
F. How to Stay in “The Zone”.
G. Learn to Concentrate on Perfect Method not hoping for good result.

II. On the Course Warm Up. 

A. Preparing to Have Fun and Play Great Golf. How to warm up both Mentally and Physically. 
B. Wedge Game.
C. Full Swing - short, medium and long shafted clubs.
D. Chipping and Pitching.
E. Putting.

III. On the Course - How to Mentally and Physically Play Great Golf 

A. Good Swings vs Bad Swings 
B. How to Think on the First Tee
C. How to execute, repeat good swings thru Visualization, understanding How to Own Your Swing.
D. Knowing when your feeling Pressure, when your excited or angry and How to Adjust.
E. The Physical Mistakes you make when under Pressure when Adrenaline is pumping.
F. How to Become a “Great Shotmaker under Pressure and Execute Good Swings Consistently”.
G. Confidence and Focus on the Course.

IV. Summary and Review (back in studio) 

A. Analysis of your game, each practice, each round and how to Improve Immediately. 
B. Keeping Up with Changes. Keep Track of your strengths and weaknesses.
C. Improving Focus
D. Always Room For Improvement in every phase of your game.

 I look forward to working with you as we undertake this exciting opportunity, as we plan how to make this journey a life long endeavor of enjoying this great sport as we play great golf on any course. This opportunity is my passion and I look forward to helping you “Play Great Golf Consistently”!