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Note From The President of Simple Golf LLC:

The Symple Power Swing™ is an amazing new simplified golf swing. It is the true next generation power golf swing.

Most golf instructional products today are some so called "secret tips" or some over-hyped recycled instruction that isn't even in the same league as Simple Swing. Simple Swing is the product of 10 years of research and development. You only have to learn one basic motion and you use that basic motion of every shot from chipping to your driver. You will finally have a swing you can trust.

We have made Simple Swing much more efficient and much easier to learn than all other golf swings including the conventional swing or alternative swings like Natural Golf. Simple Swing is longer, more accurate and more consistent than the Natural Golf swing or the conventional golf swing. I can say that because I know both swings very well. I am a former Natural Golf certified instructor and the shortcomings of all the current golf swings (including the Natural Golf swing) was what motivated me to develop Symple Swing.

Because it's so very efficient and so easy to learn we guarantee it will give you more distance, more accuracy & more consistency. We also include free support with Simple Swing. Ask any of the other golf companies to do that!

Check out the videos of the Simple Power Swing below. You'll find more information about the Symple Power Swing on this web site and in our forum than you'll find about any other golf instructional product because we can't wait for you to see how good it really is.

I'd like you to do three quick things for me. You'll be happy you did.
1. Look at our video clips
2. Check out what golfers say about this swing
3. Get our FREE Symple Chipping E-book that give you a sample of Simple Swing.

Joe Davidson - President
The Simple Golf Company


Simple Swing is a True Next Generation Golf Swing
Simple Swing is the next generation power golf swing, specifically engineered from the ground up to be the easiest way to produce more distance and accuracy. It is a proven repeatable golf swing which eliminates slices, yet is simple to learn with only 3 basic fundamentals. It is the product of over ten years of research by The Simple Golf Company. The results of their research can now enable an average person to play good golf without practicing 8 hours a day. Simple Swing is the first complete swing system that works from tee to green with every club utilizing the same swing. Simple Swing works for any level golfer, as we talked to Tony C. from Orlando, Fl. he said “As a low handicap player I was struggling with my swing consistency and scoring. I found Simple Swing easy to grasp and I have gained considerable distance and accuracy, but most importantly for me consistency.”

Single Plane Swings, Single Axis, Natural Golf, etc.
Simple Golf’s initial research began by studying the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional golf swing. We also researched all of the major alternative swing methods including Natural Golf (and single axis variations); Heard Super Swing, Austin, Blake and others. We also studied various single plane swings Simple Swing is the easiest to learn "single plane golf swing" or "one plane golf swing" because our PowerThumb grip and set up makes it possible to easily keep the club "on plane" during the whole backswing and downswing. We also studied the swings of many long drive champions. Simple Swing has some elements similar to the long drive swings and some alternative swings but it is a completely new swing with some exclusive elements that makes it easy to generate more swing speed and eliminate slicing. As one new Simple Golfer Scott H., from Brooklyn, OH says “I had picked up Natural Golf 5 years ago (it was ok) - then I switched to the Heard Super Swing (which was actually pretty good for me!) I needed better accuracy - and the Simple Swing rocks! - very repeatable - Excellent!!!”

Learn To Play Good Golf 5 to 10 Times Faster
The original design goal for Simple Swing was to develop a swing that dramatically reduced the time it takes to learn to play good golf. The research team has done that. Simple Swing still takes practice, but it can be learned considerably quicker than any other swing. Their testing indicates that beginning golfers using Simple Swing can progress at a rate 5 to 10 times faster than with a traditional swing or any other methods. Documented proof again shows how dynamic Simple Golf is with beginning golfers as we talked with Paul D. from Orlando, Fla. after watching his lesson video he told us “As a true beginner golfer, Simple Swing is phenomenal. I had never played a round of golf in my life and after I learned the basics of Simple Swing I went out and shot 53 on the front and 51 on the back and my third time ever playing golf, I broke 100!” The Simple Golf researchers have made Symple Swing more effective by “reducing the number of things you can screw up in the golf swing”. This simplifies the actual swing. Your set-up position is the same as your contact or hitting the ball position, this makes for an easy to learn and easy to repeat golf swing. The secret is in the Power Thumb Grip which makes it easier to keep the club “on plane” during your backswing and downswing which eliminates slicing completely! They have the proof from hundreds of former slicers. Listen to one very satisfied golfer we spoke to “I just wanted to let you know I received the package on Tuesday. I watched the DVD and read the manuals that night. Then I went to the driving range the next day (wed.) and was amazed at the improvement of my shots. I usually slice about 99% of the time, but after just a few swings using the Simple Swing System, I hit 50 balls with my driver and did not slice even once! I have never hit the ball so straight and long in my life! I was so impressed, I am thinking about buying the Simple Swing system for my dad on father’s day. I also wanted to say thank you for the awesome customer service you have provided. Thanks!” Daniel B. from West Palm Beach, Fla

Core Powered Swing
Simple Swing is a "Core Powered" Swing.
 The core of your body (i.e., shoulders, chest, abdomen) starts the backswing and the core of your body starts the downswing. The efficient use of the core (i.e., whole torso) is the key to much of the dramatic distance increase that golfers experience with the Simple Power Swing. The power braced front leg in the Power Set Stance makes it even more powerful because it reduces the motion of the lower body yet creates a very strong base to enable you to hit with more club head speed. The power braced front leg was modeled after the motion of home run hitters in baseball. Look at the lower body action of your favorite home run hitter; you will see many similarities to the Simple Swing. The Power Set Stance enables Simple Swing to generate much more power then the traditional swing’s shifting rotational motion which requires a big weight shift where the timing has to be perfect. One very interesting interview was with a senior golfer Chuck S., from Modesto, CA. “I am 82 years old and have been using the Simple Swing method for three weeks, I am hitting the golf ball 20 to 30 yards further and more accurate. My golfing buddies have been complimenting how much I have improved my drives lately? At the present time I have not let them in on my secret, but I will in a week or two.”

Joe Davidson, president of The Simple Golf Company states “We have eliminated many of the things that normally go wrong in a golf swing. Simple Swing is now longer, straighter and more consistent than any other swing. It is so effective and efficient because it has fewer moving parts moving in much simpler motions. And it turns out that longer, straighter and more consistent shot making makes golf a lot more fun.” As we spoke to golfer after golfer the common theme was one of sincere gratification like Dave B. from St. Joseph, MI who wrote this note “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve only been playing for two seasons and last year my best was 110 and this year before Simple Golf I was about the same. Last Saturday after watching Simple Golf several times, I hit 44 on the front 9 and 51 on the back for a 95 at Pebblewood golf course in Bridgeman, MI. I know I will do much better in the near future thanks to Simple Golf. Thanks again and God Bless you”.