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International Buyers

We ship our DVDs to most countries where golf is played. We ship internationally using U.S. Global Priority Mail.  Global Priority Mail is inexpensive however it's not terribly quick. International deliveries to Europe or Asia can take up to 2 to 1/2 weeks. Please make sure you select "International Shipping" during checkout. The cost of international shipping for the DVD package is $15. Our DVDs play fine on DVD players throughout the world.

Downloadable Version
We do have an alternative. We generally recommend the DVD versions because it contains some extra video but if you are in a hurry or if your country has international shipping difficulties then the downloadable Simple Swing Ebook is best. You can get the Simple Swing program in a downloadable Ebook format at  

Remember if you haven't done so already make sure you download our free Symple Chipping Ebook. To get the free Ebook just sign up for our free newsletter and you'll be sent the download directions immediately. Learning Symple Chipping is the best way to begin learning Simple Swing.

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