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Why Is Simple Swing Better Than The Heard Super Swing?

The Simple Power Swing is simply longer, more accurate and more consistent than the Heard Super Swing. During our developmental process the Heard Super Swing was one of the swings we bench marked against so we're very sure of the advantage of Simple Swing over the Super Swing. We have a large number of former Natural Golfers and Heard Super Swingers converting to Simple Swing who are enjoying big improvements. (See our testimonials page.)

While Simple Swing does have couple of similarities to the Heard Swing there are some very significant differences. Although some of the basic elements of the swings are significantly different, Heard Super Swingers make the transition to Simple Swing very, very quickly.

Simple Swing is a next generation golf swing. It was designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-learn golf swing. It was also designed not to have the problems of earlier generation swings. For example, hooking was a major problem for many with the Heard Super Swing. Simple Swing has engineered out that problem. That's not to say you can't hook it but Simple Swingers normally don't have problems with big hooks. If you do hook it the problem is quite easy to correct.

More Distance
Simple Swing normally gives golfers up to one club more distance without any increase in effort. Simple Swing uses what is called Synchronized Power™ to generate such powerful shots. What this does is to synchronize the power of the torso, arms and hands so the power is used in an additive way.

More Accuracy
Simple Swing is more accurate because with Simple Swing the club face stays square to the swing plane throughout the backswing and downswing. Most golfers find the dispersion patterns of their shots shrink by 50% or more. That means more balls on the fairways and greens. Simple Swing eliminates the big hooking problem many Super Swingers suffered.

More Consistency
Simple Swing is more consistent because we have fewer body parts moving. Those body parts that are moving during the swing are moving in much simpler motions. Because there are few things to go wrong there is much more consistency with Simple Swing.

The Super Swing had good distance, so during development we always checked to make sure Symple Swing had as much or more distance. With the development of the PowerSet stance Simple Swing jumped ahead of Super Swing in distance.

While Simple Swing's stance and grip at first glance seem to be quite similar to the Heard Swing there are some important differences. However, because of the similarities Heard Super Swingers usually make a very quick transition to Simple Swing.

One very big difference between Simple Swing and the Super Swing is the free support we offer. Simple Swing comes with complete email, forum and telephone support. We will work with you to make sure you are successful.

At one time I did use the Heard Super Swing so I am well familiar with it. If you have any questions about the Heard Super Swing and Simple Swing please feel free to contact me at   or call me at 203-794-4900.  Note: The fastest and most reliable way to contact me is through our Simple Golf Helpdesk at 

Joe Davidson - President
The Simple Golf Company

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