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Short Game School (Morning Session)
Full Swing School (Afternoon Session)

Attention All

Connecticut, Rhode Island
New York and New England Golfers
School Held
Just off Rt. 95 in Old Lyme CT

Meet Joe Davidson, the developer of the "Simple Swing"

and founder of Simple Golf

Saturday August 14th
Rain Date Sunday August 15th
This Is Your Chance To Finally Learn To Play 'Good Golf'!
This Clinic Is Guaranteed To Take Strokes Off Your Game!

The moriing session will be spent in the short game practice area. You will learn and chart exactly what shots and what  clubs you need to use for each short game distance.  This instruction and practice is the fastest way to take strokes off your game.

In the afternoon session you will get a PREVIEW OF SIMPLE SWING2. Simple Swing2 hasn't been released yet but you will learn all the things that make make Simple Swing2 even longer and even more accurate. Plus, it just plain eliminates problems like pulls and hooks.

simple swing bonuses
 1. Small class size with plenty of one on one intruction
 2. Free slow motion video analysis of your swing. You will receive a copy of the video.
 3. Free post clinic report with a review of the everything you covered during the school.
 4. Free club fitting evaluation of your clubs by a master club fitter who has fitted many PGA, LPGA and SPGA tour players.
 5. Free follow-up support by phone, HelpDesk and forum.
 6. Free Yardage-Marker Competitive Strategy and Yardage Book.
 7. Chart All Your Short Game Club Distances on our Short Game Green.
 . MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If for any reason this one day golf school doesn't live up to your expectation you don't pay!

The Simple Swing Clinic has only a limited number of slots open so please sign up soon using the links below.

August14th - Simple Swing Clinic in Old Lyme, CT
simple golf swing
All Day Clinic (Short Game & Full Swing)  Only $150 for Full Day

Morning Short Game Session  $79   simple golf swing

Afternoon Full Swing Session  $79   simple golf swing

The golf school will be held at the Cherrystones Driving Range at 218 Shore Rd Old Lyme, CT 06371.

Course Outline 
The plan for the day is as follows:
8:30 AM - Coffee 'meet and greet' - Introductions and warm-ups
9:00 AM -  Symple Chipping & Putting - How to Get it Close And Immediately Lower Your Scores.
10:30 AM - Pitch Shots from 10 to 100 yards - Using SS Short Game to attack any flag and make more Birdies.
12 Noon - Lunch - Discussion of Course Management - Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
12:45 PM to 3:15 PM - Learn about Simple Swing2 including Full Swing Instruction and Power Tips for all clubs - covering Short Irons/Mid Irons/Long Irons and Utility Clubs/Fairway Woods and Driver.
3:15 PM - Break
3:30 PM - Specialty Shots - Lob and Sand shot. Handling the Wind and Different Lies
4:00 PM  - Review Simple Swing Fundamentals, Summarize And Answer Questions.  We try to wrap up by 4:30.

The objective is for you to come away knowing exactly what a correct swing is and how to repeat it. You will know the correct address, takeaway, top of backswing, downswing and impact and finish positions. You will simplify your swing and make it long, consistent and accurate. Simple Swing is the same for every club so that let's you learn one correct swing and hit every club well.

We will help you learn these positions and integrate them into your set up routine. You will know what these correct positions are - what it feels like and mostly importantly to be able remember them and use them in the coming day, weeks, months and years. So the ultimate goal is for you is be able to go out and play golf and not have to go on the course and have to figure out each time what a correct swing is or battle a bad swing all day. Simple Swing offers you the opportunity to have more fun than ever on a golf course, hitting good shots with every swing and hitting the ball longer than you ever though possible.

Take care and we look forward to meeting you at a clinic in the near future. If you have any questions about the clinic please call Joe Davidson at 203-794-4900.

Take care and we look forward to meeting you at a clinic in the near future. If you have any questions about the clinic please call Joe Davidson at 203-794-4900.

Simple Joe - Joe Davidson
Have Any Questions Call Me Right Now At 203-794-4900

Joe Davidson - President
The Simple Golf Company