golf swing instructions

Simple Swing Diagnostic CheckList

Most of the things on this checklist should happen automatically. We're not trying to make Simple Swing more complicated, we just want to give you the diagnostic tools to help if you do run into a problem.

Diagnostic Checklist For Simple Swing

Circle the YES for everything you can verify you are doing. You should verify it by having a helper view your swing or by video taping your swing and reviewing it. Note: The person helping you with this checklist doesn’t have to be a Simple Swinger, in fact they don’t even have to be a golfer. If you have a video camera and you shoot yourself from a couple of angles you can do the checklist yourself.

1. At address are the hips rocked decidedly forward? YES NO

2. When the hips are rocked forward does the back knee come in under the head? YES NO

3. Do the hips and the shoulders stay square even after address the ball and rocking the hips forward?

4. Is the thumb and thumb pad of your lead hand firmly against the grip with the butt of the club running up the middle of your palm towards your wrist? YES NO

5. Does the butt of the club point at the front armpit at address? YES NO

6. Does the front elbow point towards the target at address and if it bends at all during the swing does it hinge “on-plane”? YES NO

7. Does the back elbow point generally downward at address and in the beginning of the backswing.

8. At address is there some bend in the back knee? YES NO

9. At address is most of the weight on the ball of the back foot? YES NO

10. Is the back foot flared out about 45 degrees at address? YES NO

11. Does the shaft of the club tilt a good bit toward the target at address with short irons, tilt forward a bit less with mid-irons, barely tilt towards the target with fairway woods and be about straight up or even lean a bit away from the target at address with the driver? YES NO

12. Does the front leg stay straight during the swing? (Front knee should be straight or bent only slightly at address and should stay firm (doesn’t bend any more) during the swing.) YES NO

13. Is the backswing begun by turning the upper torso (shoulders) rather than the arms? YES NO

14. Does the club shaft stay “in line” with the front forearm until the shaft reaches close to horizontal on the backswing? YES NO

15. Does the chest and shoulder turn sufficiently so the lead arm not cross or cover over the chest in the backswing? YES NO

16. During the backswing swing does the butt of the club point at the extended target line? YES NO

17. Is your lead wrist (left wrist for a right handed golfer) flat at the top of your backswing?

18. Is the lead arm parallel to the target line at or just before the top of the backswing? YES NO

19. In the backswing (and the downswing) does the back shoulder stay lower than (or at worse equal to) the level of the front shoulder? YES NO

20. Does the back elbow point downward in the backswing and downswing? YES NO


22. In the follow through does the club come more “up” than “around? YES NO

23. In the follow through does the chest finish chest towards the target? YES NO