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Simple Swing Is The Most Back Friendly Golf Swing Ever!

Simple Power Swing was designed from the ground up to be very back friendly. We know that the Simple Power Swing has enabled golfers all over the world to keep playing the game they love so much.

Simple Power Swing was designed to put less stress or torque on the back than other swings. The standard Simple Power Swing is very back friendly and we have some other modifications to make even more back friendly. Our mods will enable to play good golf even if you have to play in a back brace.

Now we do realize that every back condition is unique so we don't layout all our modifications here. We will promise any Simple Swinger that we will work with you to maximize the back friendliness of Simple Swing for each individual.

To get additional information about making maximizing Symple Swing's back friendliness
for you just e-mail or call 203-794-4900. Note: The fastest and most reliable way to contact me is through our Simple Golf Helpdesk at



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